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Alpha Athletes

A goal of Jam Hop's is to positively impact the community and families that we work with. When thinking of ways to better serve our families and community, we realized that our next step was to create a program that fosters a positive space for ALL of our athletes. That program is called Alpha Athletes. The Alpha Athletes program was created to be inclusive and provide adaptive and supportive classes for children with disabilities. This program allows children with disabilities to participate in and get the most out of our gymnastics, Ninja and dance classes in a group setting, or as an individual. By providing an opportunity for each child to experience success we are able to build self-confident, productive children who will become LIFE CHAMPIONS! Our staff will work with parents to help find the class that best suits their Alpha Athlete.

We are excited for this new program!  Classes began in September of 2021.

When registering for an Alpha Athlete class, please fill out an Intake Form so we can best support your athlete. Thank you!


Kally is an Alpha Athlete Star because of her determination! She is a superstar on the beam and loves attempting new skills during movement class. She is always smiling and always up for a challenge. Way to go Kally!


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