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Preschool gymnasts climbing on equipment
Team gymnast working on form and balance
Boy gymnast hanging upside-down on parallel bars


All our recreational gymnastic programs are year-round, meaning there are no start or end dates. Once a student is registered they will start immediately.  Each student progresses at their own rate, accomplishing skills and moving onto the next level in their program. 

Tuition for the entire month is processed on the first of each month. 

If your child has previous gymnastics experience, call us at 763-413-0647 to get signed up!

If your child does not have previous gymnastics experience, give us a call, or scroll down to register for Baby Movers, Jammin' Movers, Jammin' Tots, Jammin' Kids 1 or Gym 1, depending on their age!


Preschool Gymnastics Program Girl's Events - Progressive Program Specialty Classes

Jammin' Movers

Jammin' Tots

Jammin' Kids 1

Jammin' Kids 2

Jammin' Kids 3

Jammin' Kids 4

Gym 1

Gym 2

Gym 3

Gym 4

Girl's League

Gym 5/6

Flips & Tricks

Tramp & Tumbling


High School

Dance Acro


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Preschool Gymnastics Program

In our Preschool Gymnastics Program, children are taught through step-by-step progressions on skills that are specific to their age group. We aim not only to teach basic, fundamental gymnastics skills but also to instill life skills. By helping each child experience success we build self-confident, productive children who will become a LIFE CHAMPION!


2 - 3 years with parent in the Preschool gym

In this 40 minute class, our gymnastics instructors and parents will work together to introduce the following concepts to your child: taking turns, sharing, listening, and following directions. Our carefully designed activities will capture your child’s imagination while developing gross motor skills and early gymnastics activities.


3 - 4 years (and potty-trained) in the Preschool gym

No parents here... children ages three and four and potty-trained are on their own for this 50 minute class! Children are learn to stay with a group, start to understand and follow directions, and develop their independence. Our FUN lesson plans will introduce your child to physical activities that engage their imagination, develop gross motor strength, coordination, and basic gymnastics fundamentals.

If your child masters all skills before the age of 4, they will remain in Jammin’ Tots while working on Jammin’ Kids 1 skills. When they turn 4 and have mastered all skills, they will transfer into Jammin' Kids 1. Children who turn 5 will automatically advance to Jammin’ Kids 1.


4 - 5 years (new 5 years old or passed Jammin' Tots) in the little gym

This 50 minute class is designed for new 5 year olds, or children that have mastered all skills in Jammin' Tots. Here is where forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands begin to take shape. Your child will get hooked on learning in this fun and creative environment! 

If your child masters all skills before age 5 they will remain in Jammin’ Kids 1 while working on Jammin’ Kids 2 skills. Once they have mastered all of their skills and turn 5, your child will advance to Jammin' Kids 2.


5 - 6 years (passed Jammin' Kids 1) in the big gym

Welcome to the BIG GYM! This class is designed for children who are 5 and 6 years old and have mastered all skills in Jammin' Kids 1. Our high energy class keeps your kids active and having fun! Children will continue to learn and master basic gymnastics fundamentals on the vault, bars, beam and floor (girl's events), along with learning teamwork, respect, and responsibility.

Once your child masters all of the Jammin' Kids 2 skills, they will advance to Jammin' Kids 3. If they want to pursue the boy's events, they can advance to Level 1 at Jam Hops - Blaine/Ham Lake once they've turned 6. If your child has not yet mastered all of the skills in Jammin' Kids 2 and turns 7, they will automatically advance to either Gym 2 (girl's events), or Level 1 (boy's events @ Blaine/Ham Lake).


5 - 7 years (passed Jammin' Kids 2)

Flip out in the BIG GYM!  Kids ages 5-7 years old, that have mastered all skills in Jammin' Kids 2, will now spend time enhancing their gymnastics technique and fundamentals that they learned throughout our Preschool Gymnastics program. This class focuses on the girl's events and will start to incorporate additional strength and flexibility training. Remember parents, at this age all kids develop at their own pace.  It is our goal to individualize activities when necessary to offer a balance of challenge and success for each child.

If your child masters all of the skills for Jammin' Kids 3, there is a chance they will be invited to enroll in Jammin' Kids 4. This invite-only class provides an opportunity for your child to tryout for our competitive team in the Spring.

JAMMIN' KIDS 4 (Invite Only)

5 - 7 years

Jammin' Kids 4 is an invite-only class for our athletes who have progressed through all Jammin' Kids classes, and who have been invited, to possibly earn a spot on one of our Women's Competitive Gymnastics programs. This class is invite only and is one of the last steps to getting in on a competitive team. 

If you are enrolled in Jammin' Kids 4, or are about to enroll and DO NOT want to participate in competitive gymnastics, please let your child's coach know as soon as possible so we can get your gymnast incorporated back into our recreational classes.

Girl's Events - Gym 1-4 Progressive Gymnastics Program

Gym 1-4 classes are for all kids ages 6+. These classes focus on developing skills for the following events: vault, uneven bars, beam and floor.

Children must master all of the skills in each level to progress to the next. 

If your child has previous gymnastics experience, call us at 763-413-0647 to get signed up!


6+ years

Gym 1 is an entry level class for kids ages 6+ to develop their skills on the vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor apparatus (girl's events). They will learn fundamental gymnastics skills and concepts, strength, flexibility, safety, teamwork, and character traits.


6+ years (passed Gym 1)

Gym 2 is for kids 6+ that have mastered all skills from Gym 1. Here your gymnast will continue to build upon the fundamentals, strength, and coordination they learned in Gym 1.


6+ years (passed Gym 2)

Gym 3 is for kids 6+ that have mastered all skills from Gym 2. Here your student will continue to progress through our progressive program by building upon and further developing their gymnastics and personal character.


6+ years (passed Gym 3)

Gym 4 is for kids 6+ that have mastered all skills from Gym 3. Skills in this class increase in difficulty to continue challenging your gymnast.


6+ years (passed Gym 4)

League is our training program and route to our competitive Women's Xcel Team. Gymnasts ages 6+ who pass Gym 4 will automatically pass into League. The League Gymnastics program at Jam Hops is designed to be the last step before your child joins our competitive Xcel team. This is a great opportunity for your gymnast to advance and perfect the skills necessary to enter the competition world. They will also experience the camaraderie of a team. League gymnasts will learn routines and have the opportunity to gain competition experience through an in-house meet held at Jam Hops! 

If you are enrolled in League, or are about to enroll and DO NOT want to participate in competitive gymnastics, please let your child's coach know as soon as possible so we can get your gymnast incorporated back into our recreational classes.


6+ years (passed Gym 4)

Gym 5/6 is for kids ages 6+ that have mastered all skills from Gym 4 and do not wish to be in League. In this class, kids will have the opportunity to continue developing skills on the floor, uneven bars, beam, and vault apparatus.

Gym 5/6 classes are currently on hold at our Anoka/Ramsey location.

Specialty Classes


This class is great for all boys 6-12 yrs! Our flips and tricks class will help to improve your child's range of motor skills, coordination, and balance. They'll have the opportunity to learn a variety of ninja and gymnastics flips and tricks using the trampoline, floor, vault, and bars. Join this high energy class! This class is 60 minutes long and takes place right in the middle of all the action!


Kids ages 5+

This 75-minute class welcomes homeschool kids ages 5 and up! In this class we will explore the basic fundamentals of gymnastics while learning through fun, safe, physical activity. Children will embrace physical activity and games while making new friends and overcoming challenges! 

Tramp & Tumbling class schedule

Kids ages 6+

This 60 minute class is open to kids ages 6-18. Get ready to fly high in our trampoline and tumbling classes! There is no better purpose of a trampoline and tumbling class than to build a child's spatial awareness! There are many benefits to our fun and energetic classes including leg and core strength and sport enhancement!

Our classes safely introduce children to the basic concepts of trampoline and tumbling. The class allows children to work at their own pace. By offering regressions and progressions for each skill,  we are able to make every class challenging for all ages and abilities. We create a love for the activity by combining fun with learning.


Athletes in 7TH-12TH Grade

Stay fit and learn new skills in the off-season during our 120-minute class! Our instructors will help high school gymnasts entering grades 7-12 achieve their goals while working through step-by-step progressions. Our highly trained staff will work gymnasts through all girl's events as well as incorporating strength and conditioning! 


Kids ages 6+

An entry level class for kids ages 6+. In this class, participants will have the opportunity to work on their acro elements needed for dance. Our skilled instructors will help them achieve skills such as: side aerials, front aerials, back handsprings, front handsprings, back walkovers and more!

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