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Take a look at this behind the scenes video of our dance recital!

Recital Hair, Make Up and


Makeup Memos

Click the links below to find a copy of the 2017-2018 Recreational Makeup Recommendations and Instructions.

Hair Memos

Please see the links below for the recommended instructions regarding recital hair.

Undergarment Memos

Click the link below to see appropriate options for undergarments during the recital performance. 

Shoe Requirements by

Class and Age


Ballet/Jazz  Classes

2 - 5 Year Olds : Ballet shoes(pink) $16.00 and Buckle Tap shoes(tan) $33.00

5 - 8 Year Olds : Jazz shoes(tan) $25.00 

Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Classes

9-11 year Olds : Lyrical/Jazz Pirouettes $25.00

12-18 Year Olds : Lyrical/Jazz Pirouettes $25.00

Tap Classes

5- 8 Year Olds : Buckle Tap shoes (tan) $33.00 

9- 18 Year Olds : Lace up Tap shoes(black) $37.00


Boys All Ages

Tap: Lace up Tap shoes(black) $33.00 

Ballet: ballet shoes(black) $16.00 

Jazz: Jazz shoes (black) $25.00 


 Hip Hop Classes (boys and girls)
White Pastry High Top $52.00-57.00

Costume Instructions & Checklist! 2018/2019

Monday Classes

Tuesday Classes

Wednesday Classes

Friday Classes

Saturday Classes