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referral program for gymnastics, dance, cheer, Ninja Zone & Leap-N-Learn preschool

Make sure to utilize our referral program!

Refer a friend to Jam Hops and receive a $30 credit to your account when they join!

Tell your friends to let us know that you told them about us!

40% off additional classes!

Did you know that if your child is enrolled in one of our programs and you sign them up for others, they receive 40% off those additional classes?  Well, it's true.  What a great deal!

*The 40% discount is for the class of lesser tuition.

Sibling Class Discount

Do you have more than one child interested in our programs?  Then you will receive our sibling discount of 10% for the 2nd and 3rd children in the family and 50% off the 4th and more children in the same family.


*Please note:

The referral program and the 40% and 10% discount options are available only for gymnastics, dance, cheer, Ninja Zone and Leap-N-Learn class registrations. They do not apply to any of our events and/or activities.

Discounts may not be combined, one discount per class.

We guarantee that in the first month your child will:

  1. Learn through fun, safe physical activity
  2. Be taught through step-by-step progressions
  3. Build self-confidence by experiencing success

                     OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!