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Summer Reading Program

Time to flex those brain muscles! Here at Jam Hops we believe that having a strong mind and strong body go hand in hand. That is why we are offering our summer reading program, “Flip the Pages,” to all Jam Hops students. Participating students will receive “JH bucks” as they track and turn in their reading minutes throughout the summer. One “JH buck” will be rewarded for every hour (60 minutes) of reading completed. JH bucks can be used for anything Jam Hops related; tuition, camps, activities, birthday parties, open gym passes, etc., and will be treated as 1 JH buck = $1.00. If you would like to purchase something from the Pro Shop using your JH bucks, each JH buck will be treated as 50 cents towards your purchase (i.e. a $44 dollar leotard would need 88 JH bucks).  Be sure to use the tracking sheet below to record the book you are reading, the date, how long you read for, and include a parent signature. Students that aren’t able to read on their own yet can have a parent read to them and count those minutes as well. You may turn your tracking sheet in to the customer care desk whenever you want to receive your hard earned JH bucks! JH bucks can be redeemed at any time. Flip the Pages runs June 10th-August 31st.