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Kidz of Karacter


Jam Hops has created a program to help children become well rounded individuals! This program will teach children crucial Character Traits and lessons to help them become a LIFE CHAMPION. We believe that it is important that children learn these skills and we are here to help guide them! Each month we will focus on a new Trait, they are listed below. Our hope is that by focusing on these character building Traits, we will help children attending Jam Hops become more successful now during their developmental years, and also as they move into adulthood.

Here are the twelve Jam Hops Kidz of Karacter Traits-

  1. Confidence- Carolyn the Confident Crab
  2. Listening- Lilly the Listening Llama
  3. Teamwork- Tina the Teamwork Turtle
  4. Happiness- Holly the Happy Horse
  5. Kindness- Kevin the Kind Kangaroo
  6. Honesty- Harry the Honest Hippo
  7. Independence- Izzy the Independent Iguana
  8. Respect- Robert the Respectful Raccoon
  9. Leadership- Leonard the Leadership Lion
  10. Determined- Danny the Determined Dalmatian
  11. Thankfulness- Theo the Thankful Turkey
  12. Responsibility- Rebecca the Responsible Reindeer

This Month's Karacter Trait:

Izzy the Independent Iguana

Independence with Izzy the Iguana

Izzy the Iguana says

"Trying things by yourself is fun and brave!"

Check out our other Karacter traits!

Robert the Respectful Raccoon Image

Respect with Robert the Raccoon

Robert the Raccoon says:  

"Respect the people and things around you!"

Leonard the Leadership Lion

Leadership with Leonard the Lion

Leonard the Lion says

"Be a leader that you would want to follow!"

Danny the Determined Dalmatian

Determination with Danny the Dalmatian

Danny the Dalmation says

"Make each day count and never give up on your dreams!"

Theo the Thankful Turkey image
Thank you note image

Write thank you notes to everyone you're thankful for! Click here to get the printable version.

Thankfulness with Theo the Turkey

Theo the  Turkey says

"Think about who or what you are thankful for every day!"

Rebecca the Respectful Reindeer Image

Responsibility with Rebecca the Reindeer

Rebecca the Reindeer says

"Do the things you say you're going to do!"

Carolyn the Confident Crab Image

Confidence with Carolyn the Crab

Carolyn the Crab says

"Always believe in yourself; you can do it!"

Lilly the Listening Llama


Lilly the Llama says

"The more you listen the more you can learn!"

Tina the teamwork turtle image

Teamwork with Tina the Turtle

Tina the Turtle says

"Work with others to get the job done!"

Holly the Happiness Horse Image

Happiness with Holly the Horse

Holly the Horse says

"Thinking about the good can bring you joy!"

Kevin the Kindness Kangaroo

Kindness with Kevin the Kangaroo

Kevin the Kangaroo says

"Be kind and show others you care!"

Harry the Honest Hippo Image

Honesty with Harry the Hippo

Harry the Hippo says

"Always be truthful with yourself and others!"


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