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Kidz of Karacter

November Kidz of Karacter

Write thank you notes to everyone you're thankful for! Click here to get the printable version.

Thankful Activity

Enjoy coloring  Theo the Thankful Turkey.  The color sheet  will be handed out by our coaches.  

Color the Turkey,  and write what you are thankful for around the Turkey.

Have an adult hang up your Turkey at home.

Enjoy your art work!

Theo the Thankful Turkey

•Appreciate kind actions of others

•Saying please and thank you

•Being caring and thoughtful for what is happening around yourself

Jam Hops Kidz of Karacter Program

Jam Hops has created a program to help children become well rounded individuals! This program will teach children crucial Character Traits and lessons to help them become a LIFE CHAMPION. We believe that it is important that children learn these skills and we are here to help guide them! Each month we will focus on a new Trait, they are listed below. Our hope is that by focusing on these character building Traits, we will help children attending Jam Hops become more successful now during their developmental years, and also as they move into adulthood.

Here are the twelve Jam Hops Kids of Karacter Traits-

  1. Confidence- Carolyn the Confident Crab
  2. Independence- Izzy the Independent Iguana
  3. Kindness- Kevin the Kind Kangaroo
  4. Listening- Lilly the Listening Llama
  5. Happiness- Holly the Happy Horse
  6. Determined- Danny the Determined Dalmatian
  7. Honesty- Harry and his twin brother Henry the Honest Hippos
  8. Teamwork- Tina the Teamwork Turtle
  9. Thankfulness- Theo the Thankful Turkey
  10. Responsibility- Rebecca the Responsible Reindeer
  11. Respect- Robert the Respectful Raccoon
  12. Leadership- Leonard the Leadership Lion

Kevin the Kind Kangaroo

•Being friendly to fellow friends, staff and classmates

•Helping others when they need help

•Thinking of ways to be nice to others

Rebecca the Responsible Reindeer

•Being accountable for your own actions

•Taking ownership over things that have happened instead of blaming others

Danny the Determined Dalmatian

•Working hard for something you want

•Not giving up on yourself and your goal

•Pushing yourself to do something even if you're not comfortable 

Carolyn the Confident Crab

•Believing in yourself and your abilities

•Trust in somebody or something  

•Trust that you can work through hard situations

Crab Hunt!

Time to go crab hunting!

Look around Jam Hops and see how many crabs you can find.  They are sneaky and like to hide!  Don't forget to look high and low, you never know where you might find one!  Stop by the Customer Care Desk to enter your guess into a drawing!

Lilly the Listening Llama

•Focusing on the speaker

•Listening with your eyes and ears

•Following directions without being asked                                                             


Tina the Teamwork Turtle

  • Helping and working well with a group
  • Focus on the needs of the group instead of yourself

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

 Izzy the Independent Iguana

•Be confident in yourself. You can do it!

•Working through situations by yourself.

•Know that its okay to do it on your own if you need to.

Leonard the Leadership Lion

•Taking initiative to get things done

•Being able to guide, direct and influence others in the right direction

•Being someone that you would want to follow and look up to

Determined Challenge

Treasure Hunt Time!

Clue #1... Stay on track, try not to smack.  You will find clue 2, where you find a snack.

Find the rest of the clues at Jam Hops.  Be determined to find all 6 clues.  Once you have, you can be entered into a drawing for a free Open Gym Pass!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Leadership Activity for Kids

Make your own Lion!


1. The lion face  will be handed out in class.

2. Color your lion face using colored pencils or crayons.

3. Cut out your lion face. 

4. Search for leaves in your yard to use for the lion mane.

4. Use a glue stick to glue your leaves in a circular pattern on a paper plate or a blank sheet of paper.

5. Glue your lion face on top of the leaves.

Such a fun craft project to do at home!

Harry and Henry the Honest Hippos

  • Speaking and acting truthfully
  • Refusal to lie, steal or speak untruthfully
  • Others will trust you if you are always honesty

Robert the Respectful Raccoon

•Being mindful of others thoughts and feelings

•Speaking and acting with admiration

•Never think or act like you're better than others

Always treat others the way you would like to be treated!

Holly the Happy Horse

  •  Happiness is the feeling you get when you do something good, help someone or accomplish something you have been working on!
  • Appreciating the special person you are and being grateful are ways of feeling happy.  

Happiness Challenge

Our activity this month is to fill the Jam Hops Happiness Bucket!

Stop by our happy table in the hallway and fill out a form where you tell us something that makes you happy.  We want to fill our bucket with all kinds of happy things.

At the end of the month, one persons happiness will be drawn to win a basket full of happy items.