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Letter to families

Dear Jam Hops families, employees and associates,

I’m sure many of you have heard about the horrific sexual abuse misconduct by the USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar.  It has been a heart wrenching story of an abuse of trust and power by those in charge, and the damage that their secretive activities and policies have made on the lives of hundreds of girls.

I want to be bold and open about our policies and practices at Jam Hops so that you can have confidence in us, and in our work and relationships with the children we have the opportunity to mentor.  We do not allow any of our staff to spend time alone with a child for any reason, and we do not allow closed doors and private places for staff and children.

Below is the message that I sent last year, and this information still holds true.

“Dear Jam Hops Families,

There has been recent national media coverage regarding sexual misconduct in the sport of gymnastics.  As a business that holds the safety of children as its highest priority, I wanted to address this with you.  At Jam Hops we have specific policies and procedures in place to make sure we are mitigating the possibility of any type of misconduct as much as we possibly can.

Our goal has always been that Jam Hops will be a safe place for children to be taught and cared for.  I can assure you that we would not hire a person to mentor your child, who I would not trust to mentor my own children or grandchildren.

We are always on guard for the safety of your child and we ask that you be vigilant too.  If you ever see suspicious or questionable activity, please report it to our staff immediately.  Thank you for entrusting your children to our care.”

If you have any questions regarding our policies or you have ANY reason to suspect inappropriate behavior by our staff or anyone else, we implore you to let us know immediately!


Brenda Nolby, CEO

Jam Hops

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