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New Facility

We are in our new facility!
Our new address is:
1460 133rd Lane NE Ham Lake, MN 55304


Directions to our new facility:

Coming from the North or West: From Hwy 65 go east on Bunker Lake Blvd. to Eveleth St. and turn right. Follow that road  until you get to 133rd Lane and you have arrived.

Coming from the South:  Go north on Hwy 65 1 mile past Main St./County Road 242.  Turn right onto 133rd Ave. and go 1 block to Aberdeen. 

Coming from the East:  Go west on Bunker Lake Blvd. past Radisson Rd.  Turn left onto Eveleth St. and follow that road until you get to 133rd Lane and you have arrived.


Highlights of our new facility:

  • All our programs will be in one building - that includes Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, Ninja Zone, Leap-N-Learn Academic Preschool, Theater and all of our extra activities and events.
  • The entire building is almost 43,000 square feet with the main gym being over 25,000 square feet!
  • State of the art gymnastics space with 3 spring floors, multiple training pits, and 4 trampolines!
  • Expanded parking lot with security cameras - over 200 parking spaces! Most are designed extra wide to help facilitate getting kids in and out of cars.
  • T.V.'s with PowerPoint presentations for announcements and upcoming events throughout the building.
  • A pull through child drop off lane.
  • Large viewing areas for all programs.
  • Expanded restrooms with additional "family" bathrooms.
  • Air conditioned throughout the entire building!
  • A park that is close enough to walk to with a paved walking path!
  • Huge grass areas for our campers and others to enjoy outside time!
  • A pro shop to be able to purchase Jam Hops items and many other things.
  • Picnic tables for enjoying beautiful weather under a canopy in the front of the building.

  • Anytime Fitness will be partnering with us and share our facility. What a great thing for parents to be able to work out while their children are at Jam Hops having fun!

Our members love Jam Hops for the right reasons!

Jumping in the pit is always a favorite!