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Every Child Should Dance

By Jam Hops, 05/15/19, 9:45AM CDT


8 Reasons Why Every Child Should Dance

Yes, every child should dance. In fact, dancing is one of the most natural things for children to do at very young ages. While dance tends to be considered a “girl” activity this is so incredibly far from the truth. No matter the gender every child benefits greatly from being enrolled in dance at any and every age.

8 Reasons Why Every Child Should Dance

Physical Health
Embrace their energy and let them be active! Help improve their cardiovascular health and overall physical well being by dancing!

Dance classes are a great way for your child/children to learn social skills by being in a group atmosphere with other children on a regular basis.

Being part of a dance team is a great way to learn valuable teamwork skills such as sharing, working together, kindness, and many more!

Improves Academic Performance
Research that shows that students enrolled in dance lessons have more impressive ACT scores and grades than their non-dancing counterparts - wow! Think about how much many disciplines, focus, dedication, and commitment dance requires - no surprise that dance can lead to better grades!

Dance can be a powerful tool in helping to boost confidence and body positivity.

Managing Emotions
Dance encourages children to express their emotions through movement. Therefore, it helps develop emotional maturity by both promoting emotional awareness and providing a safe outlet for emotional release.

Builds Character
Dance allows the release of creativity with physical movement and allows your child/children to express themselves and learn more about who they are through dance!

Cross training
Many professional athletes use dance as a wonderful form of cross training. Dance can help strengthen small stabilizer muscles that tend to get overlooked in other sports. In strengthening these muscles balance, stability, and flexibility may also be improved upon.

Dance is just plain fun for all ages! If you are interested in learning more or enrolling your child/children, contact us today: 763-413-0647.