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How Physical Activity Can Impact Your Child

By Jam Hops, 06/25/19, 9:00AM CDT


It is a very well known fact that everyone should get some sort of physical activity every single day, however, more and more research is being released that shows the powerful impact exercise can have on overall health. Especially in children.

Children should do 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily. Most of the 60 or more minutes a day should be either moderate- or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, and should include vigorous-intensity physical activity at least 3 days a week. Sadly, only one in three children are physically active every day. Combined with a poor diet this is a recipe for disaster and can have negative lasting effects into adulthood.

Lasting Effects of Lack of Exercise in Children Leads to Adult Obesity

Children who do not get enough physical activity are at an increased risk of being more likely to be overweight or obese as adults. Children who don't get enough exercise have weaker muscles and have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, may have higher blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, and tend to have a more dismal outlook on life, according to

Poor Social Skills

Children who are inactive are turning to nonsocial activities such as remaining sedentary while watching TV,  playing video games, and using other types of technology. These sedentary and solitary type of activities can lead to a lack of social skills in adulthood. Children are missing out on developing crucial interpersonal communication skills at a young age which will have lasting effects into adulthood.

Mental Health 

Studies have shown that lack of exercise can lead to increased stress levels in children, mood swings, low self-esteem, inability to focus or difficulty focusing,  increased risk of experiencing depression, and much more. It is very important to note that many of these negative effects on mental health can be experienced in later adult years as a result of inactivity in adolescence. 


Simple Tips to Get Your Kids Active

1. Set up play dates with other children.

2. Aim to take youngsters outside every day for at least one hour.

3. Set an example - Mom and Dad, that means aiming to live a more active healthy lifestyle as well.

4. Enroll them in an activity they enjoy!  We proudly offer dance, gymnastics, ninja zone, cheer, and many more events throughout the year to get your kids active while having tons of fun!

5. Make exercise family time - get the whole family involved and take a bike ride. Build a stronger family bond while living a healthier life!

The options are truly endless! Whatever you do, start making your child's daily activity a priority. Get up off the couch and get them moving for at least one hour every day!