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Competitive Gymnastics

By Jam Hops, 02/27/20, 5:00PM CST


What is Competitive Gymnastics?

You have probably heard by now that gymnastics is one of the most beneficial sports to enroll your child in. Gymnastics serves as foundational training for many other sports and can help teach your child valuable life long skills. That being said we proudly offer two different types of gymnastics programs that you can choose to enroll in; Progressive and Competitive. Our gymnastics programs are for children 18 months to 18 years of age and are for all genders.

Progressive Gymnastics

In these non-competitive classes, your child will learn different progressions to continue to develop their gymnastics skills. We aim not only to teach basic, fundamental gymnastics skills but also to instill life skills. By helping each child experience success we build self-confident, productive children who will become LIFE CHAMPIONS!

Competitive Gymnastics

Within USA Gymnastics there are many competitive programs – at Jam Hops you will find the Women’s Junior Olympic program, Men’s Junior Olympic program, and Girl’s Xcel program. 

Understanding the Difference Between Junior Olympic and Xcel 

Junior Olympic (JO) requires a greater time and financial commitment, along with a strong foundation of basic gymnastics skills to advance through the levels (Levels 2-10). The Junior Olympic Program is the traditional competitive program developed by USAG. The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three segments, developmental, compulsory, and optional. At Jam Hops, we strive to help each child build a strong gymnastics foundation so that they may progress safely through the JO levels.

Xcel is a competitive program that offers a lower time commitment and cost; you will find a variety of ages, levels, and abilities within this program (Levels Bronze – Diamond). The Xcel Program was designed through USAG to be an all-inclusive, competitive program for a diverse group of individuals outside of the traditional Junior Olympic Program. Our goal is to help each gymnast grow as an individual and help them reach their greatest potential within the sport.

What to Expect With Competitive Gymnastics

The gymnasts compete at several meets throughout the season. The state championships are held in March, where all the gymnasts that qualified compete against gymnasts within their age group. You can expect your child to make friends, have fun, and learn important life skills such as dedication, motivation, determination, and much more!

What Our Competitive Gymnasts Had to Say about...


 “Every time I come into the gym I get excited because everyone on the team is so supportive and makes it fun. The coaches also make practice fun because they believe in us and keep pushing us to do better every day.”

“I love coming to practice and seeing the team. They make tough times a little better..”

“It’s a welcoming environment right when I walk in. I work hard and have a lot of fun at all of the events. My teammates are very nice and we are all one big group of friends.”

Meet Day

“…have to wake up early and do my meet hair.”

“I wake up with nerves and excitement. I get ready, then one of my favorite parts of the day is the car ride where I visualize my routines and jam to some pump-up music…”

What has being a competitive gymnast taught you?

“…and never give up.”

“I’ve learned to persevere and be patient.”


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