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Staying Active Indoors

By Jam Hops, 04/10/20, 1:30PM CDT


You are surely being inundated with COVID-19 information regularly, so we would like to take this opportunity to discuss staying active indoors during the stay at home order we are now in. As you know, this order dictates that we should not leave our homes for any activities that are not considered essential. Yikes...we know this leaves many parents feeling trapped. Not quite knowing how to entertain their kiddos day in and day out. That is where we come in!


Ideas for Staying Active Indoors During the Stay at Home Order

Home Drills

We will regularly be sharing at home drills that your children can work on to keep up with their training/practice. Visit our Parent Resource page to learn more.


Hula Hoop

If you have one on hand give the kiddos the option of practicing their sweet hopping skills if you have the room indoors. Make a game out of it and see who can do the coolest tricks or hoop nonstop for the longest!



Crank up the tunes and shake it! Feel free to go freestyle or check out one of the many YouTube videos out there that can teach you several dances.


Crab Carry

Have your little one assume the crab position and then place an item on their belly that they need to balance. Have them begin to crab walk, keeping their belly up to the sky to see how far or how long they can balance the object on their belly. More than one kiddo? Have them compete!



Using water bottles, fill them halfway and make sure the caps are on tight. Set them up like pins, find a ball, and go bowling!


Scavenger Hunt

This takes a little planning, as you will need to create clues to find the object/s. Depending on your child’s age you can give them the list of clues and set them free to be entertained by hunting for the prize!



If you have access to balloons the fun is endless! Blow them up and let your kiddos get creative! Just some balloon game ideas:

  • Balloon balance

  • Balloon volleyball

  • Balloon soccer

  • Balloon hockey

  • Balloon blow - children must blow the balloon to a finish line

  • Balloon tap - hang the balloon up and see how many times in a row your child can tap the balloon without missing

  • Don’t let it touch the ground


Pillow Case Race

If you have hardwood or vinyl floors in your home give your kids a pillow case and have them race! Have them take a seat on the case and see who can scooch the fastest to the finish line! Remember no using your hands or feet!

Figure Skating

Again, if you have hard smooth floor surfaces in your home your kids can practice their figure skating skills. Simply give them two dryer sheets to stand on and have them pretend they are figure skaters or even hockey players.

Stay Active Indoors - Just Get a Little Creative

We now have more time at home with our loved ones  and we should be seeing this as a blessing. Just get a little creative and allow your children to use their imaginations to stay active even while being indoors.