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At Home Skills and Drills

By Jam Hops, 05/25/20, 12:00PM CDT


We are living in a world of uncertainty and the best we can do is accept our new “norm” and be positive! Think about this time as the opportunity to be thankful for the gift of time that many of us have been given and one of the best ways to fill that time is to work on skills and drills that will help your little athlete excel in their sport of choice!

Follow us On Social Media for Skill of the Week

Each week we will give your little one a particular skill to work on. We will share the skill on our Facebook and Instagram account and then encourage you to take a video or photo of them working this skill. They will then be entered to win a prize!

Online and Live Classes

We are thrilled to be able to come to your living room by now offering live and online classes!  You can learn more about our online classes schedule here.

Get Outside

Grab your entire family and get outside for some good ole fashion cardio! Get your blood pumping and do something good for your cardiovascular and pulmonary system by getting a little out of breath. A strong cardiovascular system is essential for creating strong lifelong champions!

Take the family for a bike ride, go for a brisk walk or run, take a hike in the woods on one of our many amazing Minnesota trail systems, go to the lake for some open water swimming, the possibilities are truly endless!


Mindset matters. In fact, mindset is arguably the most important skill we can possess and it takes constant work. When we refer to mindset we are focusing on you and your entire family’s thought process. Meaning, during these uncertain times it is very easy to get caught up in the negativity, however, this type of mindset is not going to do you any favors. If you set out to be negative, you will live a negative life and no one wants that!

Aim to make it a goal in your household to have daily  gratitude discussions, meaning have conversations with your entire family about what they are grateful for. Another daily goal is to monitor yourself and your family for negative talk. When you hear this negative talk make an effort to think or say out loud three positive things instead. 

Have Other Ideas?

We would love to see and hear about what you and your family are doing during these unique times. Get social with us and share your adventures with us on our social pages!