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Safety First

By Jam Hops, 06/25/20, 12:45PM CDT


Safety First - Our Number One Priority to Returning to Jam Hops

We are thrilled to be able to open our doors once again for in person classes! That being said we want you to feel rest assured that safety for your child, your family, and our entire staff is our number one priority. We want you to feel comfortable returning to classes at Jam Hops by being fully aware of how we are handling this very unique COVID-19 situation.

We are currently planning on opening and making changes in phases. Currently we are in phase one of opening our doors and we highly encourage you to check our website and social media regularly for ongoing updates.

Program Changes

In person programs may once again begin and we could not be more excited! That being said please be aware that in our current phase that class ratios will be decreased by 25% or more. Sadly we will not be offering open gym this summer and our pit areas will have limited use. We have also removed chalk bins from our recreational gymnastics area.

Before Arrival

Before you arrive for class please take a moment and go through this comprehensive checklist: 

  • Perform a self-wellness check before coming to Jam Hops. Please stay home if you or your child

are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, have been exposed to such symptoms, or have

flown in the past 14 days.

  • Educate your child on social distancing, procedures for hand washing/sanitizing, and coughing or sneezing into their arm.

  • In order to decrease the use of the restrooms at Jam Hops, we ask you to please use your

restroom at home prior to coming to Jam Hops.

  • Bring a personal labeled water bottle, hand sanitizer, and a labeled bag for shoes and personal

items. Cubbies are temporarily closed. Any bottles/personal items will be disposed of at the

end of each day.

  • We recommend and respectfully request child drop off and pick up, instead of entering or

waiting inside Jam Hops whenever possible.

  • Only one family member will be allowed inside with the child(ren).

  • We encourage adults to wear masks (with appropriate graphics) while in the building.

Upon Arrival

Upon arriving at Jam Hops you can expect some new procedures as well, including:

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class.

  • Students and customers will be required to disclose COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering. 

  • Temperatures may be checked prior to entering the building, and anyone who appears ill or has temperature of over 100 degrees will be sent home.

  • Follow directional signage and practice social distancing.

  • DO NOT check your child in at the Customer Care desk. Attendance will be taken with the instructor/coach.

  • All customers and children should wash/sanitize hands prior to class.

  • Remove child's shoes and unnecessary clothing items and keep them in your labeled bag. If the parent is present, they may keep the bag, otherwise, the child should bring the bag with them into class.

  • School-age students should wait in the designated spot. Preschool children should wait with their parent, practicing social distancing until the class is called.

During Class Changes

Your children will also see some changes during classes. These include:

  • Social distancing will be practiced between students, instructor (as appropriate), and classes.

  • Students will be reminded to sanitize/wash hands regularly.

  • School-age students should bring their water bottle and bag with them into class.

  • Class structure will be modified to adhere to social distancing requirements and reduce sanitation concerns.

  • Equipment and mats will be sanitized regularly throughout class/practice. Coaches and students may be asked to help with this at the end of each rotation.

  • If a parent stays during practice, social distancing is required at all times.


Additional Changes

There are many additional changes that we’d love for you to be aware of before attending class and the full description of phase one can be found here. Additionally, it would be very informative if you view our  COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Please plan ahead and plan for the new “normal” at Jam Hops and be sure to check back with us regularly as things will surely evolve and change. If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call: 763-413-0647. We can’t wait for our #Jamily to be reunited! We hope to see you soon!