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Try Something NEW for the New Year!

By Jam Hops, 01/04/21, 10:45AM CST


In December, we tried something new for our Jamily and allowed you to try online classes in any program that we offer. Kids enrolled in dance could try a Ninja class or your Ninja could try gymnastics at no additional cost. Did your kids try something new, and now they love both? We thought that might happen!

If you didn’t have the chance to try a new program in December, January is a great time too for a couple reasons:

  1. For every additional class you register for, you’ll receive 40% off tuition.
  2. Beginning January 4, in-person classes have resumed, so it’s the perfect time to start a new class and get to know a new coach, new friends, and new skills.
  3. For those who are enrolled in classes being held in person, we are offering 40% off virtual classes
  4. Keeping your kids active during the winter months while they’re distance learning is very important, so adding another day of physical activity at Jam Hops would be great for their physical and mental health.
  5. You’re supposed to try new things at the beginning of the year!

Have we convinced you yet? Look at the class schedules under each program tab to register. Need more information? Here are the basics about each of our programs.


Jam Hops offers gymnastics classes for boys and girls ages 18 months to 18 years in our preschool, progressive, and competitive programs at two locations in Anoka County (Ham Lake and Anoka).

Gymnastics helps with body awareness, coordination, fine and gross motor skill development, self-discipline, focus, and teamwork. In all our gymnastics classes, children are taught fundamental skills through step-by-step progressions.

You can register at any time because our classes are not based on sessions. This means that children are also evaluated on an ongoing basis and move up levels at their own pace as they master skills at each level. If your child has done gymnastics before or is enrolled in another class at Jam Hops where they have learned some basics of gymnastics, let's schedule an evaluation to determine which level would be the best fit.

We also have specialty classes that fall under our gymnastics program including high school offseason, homeschool gymnastics, tramp & tumbling, dance acro, and boys flips & tricks.


We offer NinjaZone classes for boys and girls ages 18 months to 15 years at our Ham Lake location. NinjaZone fuses martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle course training, and freestyle movement to improve total body coordination, build strength, and improve agility.

Like our gymnastics program, you can register for NinjaZone classes at any time, and children are evaluated periodically to level up.


Our dance program offers classes in a variety of styles to children ages 2-18 in our recreational and competitive programs at our Ham Lake location. The styles we offer classes for include ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and musical theater.

Dance helps develop problem-solving skills, teaches fast learning and comprehension skills, challenges children to use their body and mind simultaneously, and allows them to creatively express themselves.

Registration for dance is slightly different from our other programs because it has two seasons—recital and summer. Recital season typically runs from September to June when our annual dance recital takes place, so registration for this session is open from May to November. The summer session begins in June and ends in August, so registration is open from March to July usually. Classes for our recreational dance program are age-based, and our competitive program is divided by companies that children are placed into after an audition.


Children ages 3-18 can participate in our cheer classes, which are designed to give all cheerleaders an opportunity to learn basic skills and technique for stunting, jumps, motions, dance, and tumbling. Our cheer classes take place at our Anoka location.

Like our gymnastics and NinjaZone programs, you can register at any time for cheer because classes run year-round, and children will advance through levels as they master skills. If your child has done cheer before or is enrolled in another class at Jam Hops where they have learned some jumping and tumbling basics, we can schedule an evaluation to determine what class level is the best fit.


Our theater program is known as Upstage Productions and offers four shows (productions) throughout the year for children ages 7-17 at our Anoka location. Typically, the summer and winter productions are musicals, and the spring and fall productions are regular plays. Each production involves an audition for roles, 30-60 hours of rehearsals over about two months, and six performances. Everyone who registers for an audition will receive a role in the show.

Now we’ve convinced you, right! In addition to new classes you can also try:

  • Tot Time, which is open play for children ages 18 months-5 years with parent participation
  • Adult Open Workout, which is open time in the gym for adults ages 18 and over at our Ham Lake location
  • Skill Clinics, which are 90-minute sessions to learn or improve focus skills
  • Camptastic +, which is our school year day camp for children in grades K-6 at our Ham Lake location

We have so many options it’s a guarantee that you can find something new to try with our Jamily in the new year!