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Jam Hops dancers on stage performing

Get Ready for Show Season

By Jam Hops, 04/01/21, 9:00AM CDT


Jam Hops dancers on stage performing

Our Jamily is coming up on show season with the Spring Show, Upstage Productions spring performance, competitive dance season, and a few more big gymnastics meets. It’s an exciting time that we get to see all the hard work of our athletes and performers, but for some children, performing in front of crowds can be scary and stressful.

Whether you have a seasoned performer or this show season will be the first for your child, helping them feel prepared and confident will make for a fun and rewarding season. We have a few tips for parents to help your child be set up for success.

Help them prepare: Success on stage begins way before performance day. Help them prepare by encouraging them to attend every practice, fueling them with energizing and nutritious foods leading up to the performance, and making time to watch them practice at home, especially with viewing limited due to COVID-19 restrictions at practice and rehearsals.

Avoid adding pressure: Making sure they know that you’d love to see their progress at home is important, but pressuring them to practice too much, adding critical feedback, and expecting them to prepare in a certain way won’t help their confidence. Offer your encouragement and find out how your child prefers to get ready and get focused without impressing your own expectations or pressure.

Be organized and on time: This one is usually on you, parents. Unless your child is old enough to be driving themselves to their performance, it’s important to reduce any extra stress and anxiety that comes with being late or not knowing the logistics of performance day. Check in with our coaches if you need more information. Do the best you can to make performance day go as smooth as possible by following a routine, planning ahead for your drive to the performance venue, and if you’re only allowed to drop off at the performance venue, make sure your child knows where to go and who they can ask for help when they get there.

Assemble a cheering squad: With in-person performance restrictions in place, the typical cheering squad probably can’t attend in person. However, that doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t feel support from family and friends. Have your child’s biggest supporters write good luck notes or record good luck videos that they can watch before their performance. Even hosting a small live stream watch party and telling your child they have a cheering squad at home will help them feel supported and confident to show off their hard work for their family and friends watching.

Celebrate their hard work: After both practices and the big show, make sure you celebrate the hard work your child is putting in and the time they’re dedicating to doing their best. While trophies and medals are a bonus, remind them that as long as they’re having fun and working hard that means they’re successful!

A big stage is a big deal for your athletes and performers. Helping them prepare for a big show with these 5 tips will set them up with confidence and help them feel excited rather than nervous about the big day. We’re looking forward to a big show season and can’t wait to see our Jamily succeed on the big stage!