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What's Different at Jam Hops?

By Jam Hops, 07/01/21, 8:00AM CDT


What's different at Jam Hops?

If you’ve ever attended classes at another gym or dance studio in the area, you may have noticed that Jam Hops does things differently than others. If you’ve ever wondered why, we can explain.

One of the biggest differences that we get questions about all the time is why we don’t have sessions. For many of our regular programs at Jam Hops, registration is always open. Many other organizations like ours do sessions that align with the seasons, so you register for an 8-12-week summer session or winter session. Instead, registration for Jam Hops’ families is open any time during the year. This allows your family to sign up or take a break whenever you need to. It also allows you more freedom to make changes when your schedule changes. You can switch to a different night of the week or time that is open without waiting until the end of a session.

The way we divide classes is also different. If you have a child in our preschool gymnastics or recreational dance programs, we divide class levels based on age. To give kids a developmentally appropriate experience in their earliest years of physical activity, age is the best way to make sure everyone enjoys being at Jam Hops. In our progressive programs, we begin to allow kids to progress through levels as they master skills. This allows us to create class levels where kids are comfortable and challenged to grow at the same time. If your child is ready and excited for a competitive experience, they will go through a tryout or evaluation to be placed into one of our competitive programs.

Another unique thing about Jam Hops is that we don’t have a favorite program or sport. We want to encourage everyone in our Jamily to find something they love to do, which is why we have gymnastics, dance, cheer, Ninja, theater, camps, skill clinics, and so many other specialty classes. Plus, we always encourage kids to do more than one thing by offering a 40% discount on additional classes in other programs with us. They can do gymnastics AND Ninja or dance AND cheer. Trying and loving new things makes their experience at Jam Hops twice as awesome!

Our favorite thing that makes us different than other organizations is that we want to inspire kids to be life champions, not just dance champions or awesome flippers. We care about the person that your child becomes when they walk out the doors at Jam Hops. We care about their physical, mental, and emotional health and take great pride in having coaches that reinforce this in every interaction with your child. Our Kidz of Karacter program also allows us to share about the many characteristics that make life champions.

Yes, we do things differently around here, but we think those things are what truly make us awesome and a great place to send your kids to grow up and have fun!