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Ninja Outline

The Ninja Creed

By Jam Hops, 07/29/21, 9:45AM CDT


The Ninja Creed Blog

Jam Hops added our Ninja Zone program because our mission to “Inspire Kids to Become LIFE CHAMPIONS” aligns with their mission to build the character and athletic foundation of a child through the Ninja sport. Ninja Zone programming uses The Ninja Creed, which is an important Character Pillar we use in our curriculum.

The Ninja Creed instills responsibility, perseverance, mentorship, respect, and discipline in these points:

As a Ninja, I pledge to:

  1. Respect myself, others, rules, and time
  2. Do what I know how to do when it’s time to do it
  3. Look for the good things in every situation
  4. Use all my powers to be aware of my feelings and the environment around me
  5. Accept new challenges when I’m ready, even if they are hard
  6. Be kind to myself, others, and my environment
  7. Remember that there is nothing that I can’t do if I keep trying
  8. Tell the truth even when I feel scared to
  9. Seek to learn from my mistakes

These points are easy to share, and we do our best to include a lesson on one or more of these points every time your child is in a Ninja Zone class at Jam Hops. Despite being short and easy to share, these Ninja Creed points are each loaded with many great lessons for our Ninjas to work on. The creed is not a one-time checklist but rather a set of goals that will guide our Ninjas, their character, and their actions for many years to come.

The Ninja Creed and our awesome, dedicated Ninja coaches are another voice for building strong values when your children join our jamily.

Interested in Ninja Zone for your boys or girls? Learn more about our program!