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Thankful for Our Jamily

By Jam Hops, 10/27/21, 11:00AM CDT


Customer Appreciation Blog

The month of November gives us lots of chances to say thank you—Customer Appreciation Week, Theo the Thankful Turkey is our Kidz of Karacter, and of course, Thanksgiving! We wanted to explain what it means to us to be thankful and how we’ll be showing that this month at Jam Hops.

Theo the Turkey says thankfulness can be defined in these three ways:

Saying please and thank you

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to show that you respect and are thankful for someone, something, or some action. You’d be surprised how much a genuine “thank you” means to someone. We’re thankful for our Jamily of gymnasts, dancers, Ninjas, cheerleaders, preschoolers, and theater friends, but our staff are the best at sharing why.

I can't thank you enough for trusting our staff with your children as they play with others and giving our coaches a chance to really get to know them! -Coach Aubrey

A favorite part of my day is when a child tells me how they learned a new skill or even passed their class. They get so excited, and I am happy that they share their excitement with me! Thank you, Jam Hops families, for being part of our Jamily! -Executive Director Stacey

Since starting working at Jam Hops in 2002 I have been thankful for all of the relationships formed with the parents and kids who come here. We truly have the most amazing families! The other thing I am thankful for is the sound of kids having fun; the Leap-N-Learn kids singing their songs, sounds of laughter from our Camptastic kids, the sound of excitement when someone gets a new skill, and the laughter and chatter of classmates in between their classes. Thank you for sharing part of your life and your children's lives with Jam Hops! It brings so much joy to our lives. - Executive Director Debbie

Appreciating the kind actions of others

Our favorite act of kindness is when you bring your kids through our doors at Jam Hops. We understand there are literally hundreds of other ways your kids and families could spend your evenings, but we appreciate more than we can say that you choose to spend them with us. To show our appreciation for that choice you make every week, we’re celebrating Customer Appreciation week November 15-21 with prize giveaways and discounts at Jam Hops. Stay tuned to our social media pages to find out more details.

Being caring and thoughtful for what is happening around you

Our coaches do a lot to teach kiddos at Jam Hops to be thoughtful about what is happening around them. This is important for safety reasons so that kids know where they need to be in the gym with their class. It’s also important to build a friendly atmosphere among classmates. We want to encourage cheering for and supporting our classmates when they try a new skill. We want to encourage making friends and including everyone when we play games, make groups, and practice skills. Building this awareness and a caring attitude carries outside Jam Hops too. For example, this month our Kidz of Karacter activity is the Thankfulness Game. Kiddos will start the activity in class, learning a little bit about each of their peers and opening up about what they are thankful for. They will then have the opportunity to complete the activity outside of class by going through the worksheet that will be available on our website. You could even do the activity at home as a family. Take some time with Theo the Turkey and your family to share what you are thankful for.

Do you have other examples of how to define thankfulness and what your Jamily can do this month to show it? Share with us on Facebook (@Jam Hops) or Instagram (@jam_hops).