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Traveling with Children: Tips & Tricks

Traveling with Children: Tips & Tricks

By Jam Hops, 02/28/23, 8:00AM CST


Traveling with Children: Tips & Tricks

The time of year has come to pack up and get the heck out of Minnesota’s freezing winter climate. Whether that means taking a flight to the sandy beaches of Florida, or driving out to the powdery ski hills of Wyoming, we want to give you some fool-proof tricks to help keep the kids happy on your way there.  

What to pack: 

Obviously, what you’re going to bring on your trip relies heavily on your destination, but there are a few key items you should remember in order to avoid that airplane meltdown.  

  • Snacks: This one may seem obvious, but is of the utmost importance. Packing your kiddos favorite snacks might not save you space, but is the key ingredient to avoid hangry (hungry & angry) monsters. The more variety, the better.  
  • Activity travel pack: Work with your child to create an activity pack that will work well for travel. This could include a couple of their favorite toys, a coloring book, a journal, etc. Just remember that these should be activities that are easier to keep together when squishing into the airplane rows, or in the car seat. Bonus points if you can hide an additional activity to take out while you’re at your destination.  
  • Cozy items: Try to pack at least one cozy item that will help your child sleep. We all know how difficult staying in a good mood can be when your sleep schedule is off. Trying to preserve your child’s sleep schedule as best you can will give all parties involved a better chance of bearable travel. If you know your child will sleep with Mr. Bunny, or their favorite blankie around, bring it! P.S. There’s no shame in keeping on the jammies for those late night and early morning excursions.  

More Tips: 

As our list above suggests, avoiding boredom and hanger (hungry anger) are top priority when traveling with your kids. Giving your child a role for the trip is another good way to keep them occupied and can also help them have some sense of control. This can be something as simple as, “Alright, Madison, you are in charge of carrying and packing your activity bag when we are moving.” It could also be something like, “I want to see how many red cars we pass; can you count them?”  

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid any meltdowns. If not, we want you to remember that sometimes emotions get so big that they are unavoidable and that is okay. Every parent has experienced the challenge and stress of a public meltdown. Those around you will understand the challenge of traveling with kids and those that do not, are in no place to judge. Though it is easier said than done, don’t let the few who judge hold you back from giving your children the experience of travel early in life.  

Happy travels #Jamily!