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Severe weather awareness month

Severe Weather Plan

By Jam Hops, 03/31/23, 7:00AM CDT


Severe weather awareness blog

“April showers bring May flowers” is in full swing as we enter into the month of severe weather awareness. In Minnesota, severe weather arrives in the form of tornados, hail, lightning, flooding, or high winds. These conditions come on fast, meaning you may not have time to pick up your athlete from our facility. Though there is nothing we can do to prevent this weather from occurring, Jam Hops does have procedures in place to make sure our Jamily stays safe if it does happen.  

In the case that Minnesota’s April showers become severe this spring, we want you to know that your child’s safety is always top priority at Jam Hops. Our staff are trained to activate our severe weather procedure as soon as a weather announcement has been made.  

Key Elements of our Severe Weather Procedure 

For when severe weather occurs, Jam Hops has installed a weather radio near the Customer Care Desk at each of our locations. The radios act as our alert system in the case of severe weather. Customer Care Representatives (CCRs) will be in charge of monitoring these alerts and determining when action is required to increase athlete, viewer, and staff safety. When action is required, the CCRs on duty will notify everyone in the facility of the weather alert and will initiate facility-wide action. 

Once our staff have been notified that the severe weather requires action, they will go through the steps of our severe weather procedure. This procedure is located by every door in our facility and is also posted on each of the pillars in our gym area. Jam Hops instructors will make sure each of their athletes is accounted for before guiding the class to their designated shelter area. Everyone will remain sheltered until a CCR notifies our staff that the weather alert has been lifted. CCRs will monitor the weather status using the radio, tv broadcasts, and/or a cellular device. 

Please know that we may not be able to answer the phones during severe weather, but that your child will be safe at Jam Hops even if their class time is over. We want you to know that your athlete’s safety is of utmost importance to us. You can be reassured that we will take every step we can to keep them safe in the instance of severe weather.