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What should I know about preschool?

What should I know about Preschool?

By Jam Hops, 07/31/23, 2:45PM CDT


What should I know about Preschool?

All vetted parents will tell you that it is an exciting and terrifying feeling when your child reaches the age to go to Preschool. It is a huge step in your child’s development and can definitely be intimidating as a parent because it is a completely new world. Despite that, taking the leap and finding the right preschool for your child is very important.  

Why should my child be in preschool? 

There are many reasons why preschool is an important step to prepare your child for kindergarten. In preschool children begin to develop base skills that are necessary for them to succeed throughout their education. They will be able to build from the skills they develop during preschool throughout the rest of their lives.

The second reason why you should put your child in preschool is to help them develop confidence in social settings. Giving them the opportunity to become more independent can be scary but is essential so your child can learn to make friends and become more self-aware. 

What age should my child be in Preschool? 

Often, children will start preschool at the age of three and attend for two years. This gives your child the opportunity to further develop their skills before its time to go to kindergarten. Starting at a younger age also helps when trying to avoid undesirable habits that could develop when a child does not have the opportunity to socialize.  

For those families who are looking to put their four-year-old in preschool and are reading this, don’t worry. Just because there can be additional benefits to starting your child at three, does not mean they won’t still reap those benefits if their first year is at the age of four. Some of the factors that could influence when your child starts preschool are: 

  1. Which month their birthday lands. Birthdays between June and August can make it tricky to decide what age you should enroll your child. If the school you want your child to attend doesn't specify age groups, the recommended age is really on a family-by-family basis.  

  1. Whether your child is potty-trained. Many programs require it for your child to be enrolled. 

  1. What your budget is.  

  1. If you have a support system. Especially with multiple kids, things like transportation and childcare can become much easier when you have help. 

We recommend that families take the time to discuss preschool options within their child’s first year. This might sound absurdly soon, but starting that early will give you the opportunity to plan potty-training and look for the perfect preschool. Their third birthday also sneaks up faster than you can expect! 

What time of year is registration? 

Often, registration for preschool will begin late winter to early spring. 

Play-based vs. Academic Preschools 

Play-based preschool programs are exactly what they sound like. Children participate in games, art, music, open play and active play to develop coordination, social skills and more! Academic preschools place more importance on the learning aspect of school and how to follow class rules. In academic preschool programs, children will learn concepts of the alphabet, counting, how to use a pencil and more! There are many preschool programs that combine both of these concepts in their lesson planning. 

Where should I start looking to find the right school? 

Word of mouth can be a huge parenting resource, so ask your family, friends and maybe even your local “Parent’s with Toddlers” Facebook groups.

How can I be the best parent to my preschooler? 

Be there to support your child by giving them the space they need to learn independence and develop their confidence. Though it can feel like you’re letting go of control and causing discomfort, it is essential for your child’s development. By encouraging their independence, you are giving them the opportunity to become problem-solvers, big thinkers and well-rounded individuals.  

Ultimately, doing what is best for your family comes first. If you find it's right for your family to enroll in preschool, we hope that you feel more confident in making that decision. Thank you for taking the time to read. Please read on to learn more about Leap-N-Learn Preschool!  

Jam Hops’ Leap-N-Learn Academic Preschool in Ham Lake, MN is looking to enroll a few more 4-year-olds for the 2023-2024 school year. We combine play-based and academic learning to provide a nurturing and educational environment that Inspires Kids to Become LIFE CHAMPIONS!  

On top of that, our play is the best! Located in the same facility as our gymnastics and ninja programs, your child gets to participate in safe, active play and even have one class of each program every week they are enrolled. It doesn’t get any more unique! 

To learn more and schedule a tour, give us a call at 763-413-0647.