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Ninja Games

Thank you to the families and to all of the Ninjas who participated in this last Ninja Games! You made this event an EPIC and unforgettable one!

And a big thank you to Revolution and SGA for coming out here and being a part of this!!

You are all AMAZING!

Up and coming Ninja Games: 

June 24th in Urbandale, IA

Hosted by: Sapphire Gymnastics

What are the Ninja Games??

The Ninja Games are youth sports competitions showcasing the athletic fusion of Obstacle Course Training, gymnastics, parkour, and modern martial arts. Athletes compete against the clock for points in skill, strength, agility, and style.

Every Ninja Games is comprised of 2 timed courses:

  1. AGILITY COURSE - This course will focus on tumbling skills, and wall skills,  sometimes utilizing spring boards, mats, and trampolines. 
  2. STRENGTH COURSE - This course will utilize the hanging obstacles as well as bar skills and some vaulting.

Rules of the Game:

Each ninja will have EXACTLY 44 seconds to complete each course.

  1. If the buzzer is not pressed by the end of the 44 seconds, the ninja will receive a time deduction.
  2. While the course is predetermined, it is up to the discretion of each individual ninja as to what skills they want to attempt. 
  3. Ninjas have the opportunity to score bonus points by chaining skills together into flow combinations. 
  4. Ninjas’ FINAL SCORES are determined by the sum of their skill points, bonus flow points, and also any deductions incurred.
  5. The Ninja Games champion is determined by the ninja with the most points after the competition has concluded.



How do you win the Ninja Games?

To win Ninja Games, contestants must build up the most points during their timed performances. All contestants start at 0, and obtain points from every skill that a ninja either completes or attempts. Skills hold different valuations as seen on the Ninja Games Code of Points. Skill values are determined by difficulty of the skill or obstacle, and are divided into AGILITY skills and STRENGTH skills. The contestant that has the highest point sum at the end of the competition will be declared the Ninja Games Champion.


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