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1.  When is registration for recreational gymnastics, dance and cheer classes?

  • Registration for gymnastics and cheer classes takes place year round; these classes are not based on sessions.
  • Dance has two sessions, summer and our recital session; (when possible we will add a short spring session) the recital session runs from September through the recital, which is typically the first weekend of June.  Registration for the recital session starts in May and runs through mid December.  Summer session registration typically begins in March and ends in the first few weeks of the session, depending on dates of the summer performance.
  • Leap-N-Learn Preschool registration begins in February and continues through December.

2.  What do I do if my child misses a class?

  • Gymnastics and cheer classes; (September-May) 1 complimentary open gym pass will be given out a maximum of two times per quarter if a child is absent for classes that are 40-90 minutes long. 2 complimentary open gym passes will be given out a maximum of two times per quarter if a child is absent for classes that are 120 minutes long. During the summer (June-August) a makeup class can be scheduled for all days that a child is absent or an unlimited number of open gym passes will be given for classes that a child misses.

  • Dance classes; 1 complimentary open gym pass will given out a maximum of two times per quarter if a child is absent from a recreational class.

3.  How does my child get on a competitive team?

  • Our Xcel team has tryouts in May every year.  Children enrolled in Girls Intermediate 1 for at least 2 months prior to the tryout date are eligible to register for those tryouts.
  • Our JO boys program will occasionally offer tryouts.
  • Our JO girls program is by invitation only.  If a child is on a JO team at another gym a 2 week trial may be scheduled through the JO girls director.

4.  Do I have to stay while my child is in class?

Children 5 or younger should always have a parent or guardian present while the child is in class. Children who are in Kindergarten or older may be left by themselves while in class. Children may be dropped off for class up to fifteen minutes prior to the class start time and must be picked up at the class ending time.

5.  When and how often is my child evaluated in his/her gymnastics class?

Children are evaluated during every class; once all skills from a level are mastered the coach will give the child a notice stating that he/she is ready to advance to the next level. Copies of skill cards are given to the children at the end of every other month.

6.  What should my child wear?

  • Gymnastics:

Girls; a leotard is best for comfort and for coaches to spot.  Athletic shorts without buckles, snaps, buttons or zippers may be worn over the leotard. Footless tights are permitted.

Boys; shorts with a t-shirt that can be tucked in.

Hair must be secured back and away from their face.

Jewelry, including earrings, must be removed during class

  • Dance: refer to the dance page of our website for acceptable attire for our dance classes.
  • Cheer:

A leotard and shorts or t-shirt that can be tucked in and shorts.

Dry, clean tennis shoes.

Hair must be secured back, away from their face.

Jewelry including earrings must be removed during class.

7.  What is the Annual Family Member Fee for?

The annual fee is valid September through August and includes all children in the family even if they are not enrolled in a class.  Members receive discounts to most of our events and activities, including open gym.

8.  What discounts do you offer?

  • 40% off tuition for additional classes for the same child.
  • 50% off tuition for boys enrolled in dance classes.
  • 10% off tuition for second and third child in the same family.
  • 50% off tuition for fourth and more children in the same family.

9.  What if my child needs to take a break from attending class?

A withdrawal form must be received prior to the first business day of the next month.  Forms are available at our customer service office.

10.  When is Jam Hops closed due to holidays, weather, etc?

  • Holidays;

Memorial weekend (Saturday-Monday)

Fourth of July

The week prior to Labor Day through Labor Day

When Halloween is on a weekday we typically close beginning at 4:00pm.

Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday-Sunday).

Christmas and New Year’s closings vary year to year, please check our website.

  • Weather related closures;

Daytime classes will be announced on our website by 10:00pm the night before.

Evening classes will be announced on our website by 3:00pm the day of.

11.  What extra activities do you offer?

  • Skills Clinics
  • Movie Nights
  • Birthday Parties
  • Open Gym
  • Day Camps
  • Preschool Day Camps
  • Theater Camps
  • Holiday Parties