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Spring Show

Countdown to show time!


Jam Hops 2018 Spring Show

"Welcome to the Jungle"

May 18-20 

Important Info!
The Spring Show fee of $15 has been added to your account. All unpaid fees will be added to April tuition.
Watch your email for more info on leotards, animals and other items for purchase in the next couple of weeks.
**New students-Last day to participate in the show will be Saturday, April 15th.


***Tentative Schedule-final schedule will be released Friday, May 4th.

Order your Spring Show Animals, Shorts, Leotards, and "Suprise Jungle Box"

Yellow leotard

Spring Show girl's shorts

JH rhinestones will be on shorts and leotard.

Spring Show themed animals for purchase

Pink leotard


What is the Spring Show?

At our annual Spring Show, participants will showcase the skills they have learned along with a short routine for family and friends. All children will receive a themed award and t-shirt.

What if we cannot attend the Show?

That’s ok! If your child is unable to attend, items may be picked up at the customer care desk the week following the Spring Show.

Who participates in the Spring Show?

Ninja Zone, Rec. Cheer, Jammin' Babies, Jammin' Tots, Jammin' Kids 1, Jammin' Kids 2, Jammin' Kids 3, Gym 1, Gym 2, Gym 3, Gym 4, Gym 5,  Boys Level 1, Boys Level 2, Boys Level 3 and Home School.

How much does it cost to participate in the Show?

All rec gymnasts & cheerleaders enrolled as of March 1st will have the Basic Package fee of $15 added to their account ($50 family cap). This fee may be paid beginning March 2nd. All unpaid fees will be billed to your auto pay account on April 1st.

When will the Spring Show schedule be ready?

The schedule will be emailed out no later than Friday, May 4th.

How do I get my child’s t-shirt and other items?

You can pick up your child’s items when you check in the day of the Spring Show.

Do I need to order my child’s t-shirt?

No. You do not need to order your child's participation t-shirt. We will be ordering the t-shirts and distributing them at the show. We will have additional apparel items such as tank tops, men's performance shirts, long sleeve hooded t's and more for sale not only for the children participating but all family members. If you wish to order additional tees or items click on the Spring Show apparel link. 

How early do I need to arrive before my session?
You should arrive no more than 10 to 15 minutes early.  Coming to your session too early creates a “traffic jam” of people as the previous session is trying to leave.

How long will the show last?
Each session will last about 45 minutes- 1 hour with time for pictures immediately after.

What should my child wear?
Your child should wear the same thing they wear to class. If you purchased a spring show leotard or boys shorts, they can wear those. Boys may also wear their Spring Show themed shirt they will receive.

Is it required to purchase a Spring Show leotard or shorts?
No. It is not required to purchase a leotard or shorts for the show. If you wish to purchase a leotard or shorts, order deadlines will be posted on this page at a later date.

How do I know what day and session my child is in?
When finalized, the schedule can be found on the Spring Show page of the website or at the customer care desk. Please look closely as some class levels have been split into more than one session.  The class your child is enrolled in the week prior to the show is the one they should attend. If they are in multiple classes please come to the class that is earliest in the week.

Can I take pictures and/or video?
Absolutely!  Please share any videos or photos you may have to our social media pages.

How much is admission for family?
FREE!  There is no admission fee for family, friends and relatives.  Siblings not participating in the Spring Show must be watched at all times and are not allowed on the equipment.

Is there anything for sale at the Spring Show?
YES!  We will have concessions available, sucker grams with encouraging notes, and other items available to purchase at the show.

Do I  need to register for this event?

No, you do not need to register for this event. If you do not wish to have your child participate, please let the office know no later than March 31st.



2017 Spring Show Pictures