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Boys Recreational Gymnastics

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Inspiring Kids to Become LIFE CHAMPIONS!

Boys Progressive Gymnastics Program

Does your child like to run?
To climb?
To jump?
To flip?
Does he like to have FUN in a fast paced environment?

Then Boys Gymnastics is just for him!

Each class is taught right in the middle of all the action! Boys get see Beginner Boys athletes up thru Level 10 working side-by-side! We believe at Jam Hops we can inspire these Boys to become LIFE CHAMPIONS thru fun and safe physical activity without all the peer pressure that other sports can bring. Each child will learn at their own pace while experiencing success!

Boys Level 1 (60 minutes)

For ages 6-18 or passed Tots 3. Class ratio is 6:1                      

Boys Level 2 (60 minutes)

For ages 6-18 or passed Boys Level 1. Class ratio is 7:1

Boys Level 3 (90 minutes)

For ages 6-18. Mastering all skills from Boys Level 2 is a prerequisite. Class ratio is 8:1


How Gymnastics Helps Your Child Succeed in School

Gymnastics . . . 

1. Develops Determination 

2. Cultivates Courage

3. Plans Persistence 

4. Garners a Growth Mindset

5. Demands a Balanced Lifestyle


Enrollment for the progressive program is always open! Our coaches are continuously evaluating students as they learn new skills, and copies of their skill cards are sent home every two months. Our calendar is separated into quarters. At the end of each quarter, parents are invited at the end of class to celebrate their children's hard work!


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Check out some of our other programs...

High school Class (120 minutes)

Stay fit and learn new skills in the off-season! Our dedicated and driven instructors will help high school gymnasts entering grades 7 - 12 achieve their goals while working thru step by step progression. Our highly trained staff will work gymnasts thru all events as well as exploring challenging yet fun conditioning! Class ratio 12:1

Trampoline and Tumbling (60 minutes)

Boys and girls ages 6-18 get ready to fly high in our trampoline and tumbling classes! There is no better enjoyment of a trampoline and tumbling class to build a child's spatial awareness! There are many benefits to our fun and energetic classes such as; high calorie burn, leg and core strength, weight loss and all sport enhancement!Our classes safely introduce children to the basic concepts of Trampoline and Tumbling. We expand a child's horizon by making every class challenging for all ages and abilities. We create a love for the activity by combining fun with learning. In this way, students progress to the technical stage of instruction at their own natural pace. Class ratio 8:1

Homeschool (75 minutes)

Welcome homeschool boys and girls ages 5 and up to our homeschool class! In this class we will explore the basic fundamentals of gymnastics while learning thru fun, safe, physical activity. Children will embrace physical activity and games while making new friends and overcoming challenges! Class ratio is 8:1