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Ninja Zone Rules & Policies

Rules & Polices

  • Please check in at the Customer Care Office before each class.
  • A Customer Care Representative can let you know where your child should wait for class. No tumbling, running or horseplay while waiting. Parents must supervise siblings in the waiting area and lobby for their safety.
  • Personal Dress: Ninja Zone t-shirt and headband and athletic shorts or leggings that do not contain zippers, buckles or snaps. Children are not allowed to wear jewelry or chew gum in the gym. Shoulder length or longer hair should be pulled up and away from the face.
  • Children of all ages must wait inside the building until their ride arrives. Children should be picked up promptly after their class.
  • Classes Missed
    • September-May- One missed class voucher may be issued 2 times per quarter
    • June-August- UNLIMITED MAKE-UPS (when available) or vouchers!

Sibling Incentive

  • Monthly incentive of 10% off for 2nd and 3rd child from the same family.
  • Monthly incentive of 50% off for all additional children after the 3rd from the same family.


All students will receive a monthly incentive of 40% off of every additional class (of lesser value).

Valid for Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, Ninja Zone & Leap-N-Learn Preschool classes.


Monthly Tuition; 

40 minute class: $76.00 per month

50 minute class: $91.00 per month

60 minute class: $105.00 per month

Homeschool Ninja Zone Class Monthly Tuition;

60 minute class: $60.00 per month

75 minute class: $63.00 per month

Family Ninja Homeschool tuition max per month; $167.00 (includes one class per child, all additional classes will receive a 40% discount)

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Customer Care Representatives