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What is Jam Hope Foundation and the Alpha Athletes program?

Jam Hops developed a non-profit organization called Jam HOPE Foundation. Jam HOPE Foundation’s first program is called Alpha Athletes. The Alpha Athletes program was created to be inclusive and provide adaptive and supportive classes for children with disabilities. This program allows children with disabilities to participate in and get the most out of our classes. The Alpha Athletes programming will run seamlessly with all our other Jam Hops programming.

Why did Jam Hops create this new program?

The aim of the program is to develop life skills including confidence, self-esteem, body awareness, movement foundations, strength, and flexibility. All athlete participants can learn and progress at their own ability and time considering their activity level and attention span. 

Who are Alpha Athletes?  

Alpha Athletes are children with a disability aged 4 – 12 years of age. These children would benefit from smaller class sizes, more coach support, and an opportunity to develop at their own pace. Parents fill out an intake form during registration to help coaches have a better understanding of the child’s strengths and needs for the class.

 How are classes specifically designed for children with varying needs?

All Alpha Athlete participants can learn and progress at their own ability. The classes are smaller with more coach support. The classes also focus on skills like transitioning between activities, taking turns, and being an active participant within the group. Our Movement class is scheduled during a quiet, less busy time in the gym to reduce distractions and provide the best learning environment for participants. Our Alpha Athletes Open Gym is designed to be sensory friendly and adapted to meet the needs of multiple ability levels, and parents or adult support is required to assist their children during that time.

What Alpha Athlete programs/classes do Jam Hops offer?

  • Dance: In this 30-minute class, we will use music, rhythms, dance, and interactive games to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for your children. This class is designed to help your children practice how to stay with a group, start to understand and follow directions, develop gross motor skills and coordination, and learn basic dance steps all while having fun with our caring instructors.
  • Movement: Children will practice how to stay with a group, start to understand and follow directions in the gym, and develop routines to work on their independence. Fun lesson plans will introduce your child to physical activities that engage their imagination, develop gross motor strength, coordination, and basic gymnastics fundamentals.
  • Sensory Friendly Open Gym: The 60-minute Open Gym is the perfect opportunity for your athlete to burn off some energy and get exposure to gymnastics and ninja equipment without the structure of a class.

  What should my child wear?

  • Girls; a leotard is best for comfort and for coaches to spot during the Movement class. Athletic shorts without buckles, snaps, buttons or zippers may be worn over the leotard.

  • Boys; shorts with a t-shirt or tank top that can be tucked in.

  • Hair must be secured back and away from their face.

  • Jewelry, including earrings, must be removed during class.

  • Children can have bare feet, grippy socks, or clean, dry shoes for dance and movement.

Do I have to stay while my child is in class?

Yes. We asked that a parent or guardian stays in the building during Alpha Athlete classes. All gymnasts must be picked up at the class ending time.

Why is it important to offer activities for children with disabilities?

It’s a known fact that movement has many benefits for children by regulating their emotional, cognitive, social, and physical needs. Although Alpha Athletes may do gymnastics or dance in a more modified approach, they have the same aspiration as children without disabilities. These classes will also help increase their physical strength, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, and self-confidence.

Where can people find out more information about Alpha Athletes or register for classes?

Information for classes and Open Gym can be found on the Alpha Athlete tab of our website and on flyers available at Jam Hops. Registration and our intake form are also available on the Alpha Athletes tab of our website. Want to know more? Contact our Alpha Athletes Director, Angela Brandt, at

When is Jam Hops closed due to holidays, weather, etc?

  • Holidays;

Memorial weekend (Saturday-Monday)

Fourth of July

Labor Day (Saturday – Monday)

When Halloween is on a weekday we typically close beginning at 4:00pm.

Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday-Sunday).

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Day; we are also typically closed on other days around these holidays and that varies year to year, please check our website for specific dates.

  • Weather related closures;

Daytime classes will be announced on our website by 8:00am the day of.

Evening classes will be announced on our website by 3:00pm the day of.


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