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In our Preschool Gymnastics Program children are taught through step-by-step progressions on skills that are specific to their age group. We aim not only to teach basic, fundamental gymnastics skills but also to instill life skills. By helping each child experience success we build self-confident, productive children who will become a LIFE CHAMPION!

Enrollment for our preschool gymnastics program is always open!  Our coaches are continuously evaluating students as they learn new skills and each child moves along within our program at their own pace.

If your child has previous gymnastics experience, call and schedule an evaluation to determine what class to enroll in!


Contact us with questions or to register!

Customer Care Representatives:
Phone:  763-413-0647 
If you have a customer login in set up and your child is enrolled in classes then you may register for classes and activities online. If you have a customer login but your child is not enrolled in classes then you may register for activities online.


Customer Care Representatives