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Schedule & Class Information

(18-36 months)

This is a child/grown-up participation class. We aim to work on honing in on every kids desire and enjoyment of learning while playing. Through structure and routine, we will emphasize socialization, play, and most importantly- FUN!

(3-5 years)

No parents allowed here! This class is for potty-trained kids who are ready to conquer the big gym on their own. 

The main focus is on basic large motor skills, like rolling, jumping, falling, swinging, climbing, etc. The goal is to develop body coordination, awareness, and listening skills.

(6-8 years)

This high-energy class uses a variety of strength, agility, and skill activity circuits to develop basic swinging, climbing, jumping, and balance skills. Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning are strongly emphasized.

With hanging obstacles and introductory parkour elements, we challenge kids’ brains and bodies, inspiring them to conquer obstacles in and out of class.

(9-13 years)

This group combines advanced hanging obstacles with parkour skills, and integrates basic fundamentals of both American Ninja Warrior style ninja training and free running/parkour.

The goal of this class is for kids to develop the balance, strength, power, and precision. Each class offers the opportunity for kids to advance through a series of challenges and obstacles. This class includes courses specifically designed to challenge your child, with an emphasis on the mastery of all safety techniques, giving them a space to experience success.


The Homeschool (ages 3-18) classes are a great way for children to get some gym time in their school day! Our homeschool classes will be split based on the numbers of participants for the day based on age.

Both Homeschool classes include a warm-up, gym rotations, and some game time. 


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