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GYMNASTICS: Class Schedule, Tuition, and Policies

Gymnastics Tuition-effective September 2019

      40 minutes                                $72                
      50 minutes                                $86              
      60 minutes                                $99               
      90 minutes                                $135        
      120 minutes                             $152          
Annual Family Member Registrations Fee:  $45+tax
(prorated $3 each month after September)
First month's payment and annual fee are due in full at the time of registration.  All classes are billed the first business day of each month.  If you would like to unenroll your child from class, it must be received in writing before the next billing day.  Unenrollment requests received after the first business day of that month will not receive a refund.

      75 minutes                                     $60 ($158 family cap)

Annual Family Member Registrations Fee:  $45+tax
(prorated $3 each month after September)


  • Please check in at the Customer Care Desk before each class.
  • A Customer Care Representative can let you know where your child should wait for class. No tumbling, running, or horseplay while waiting. Parents must supervise siblings in the waiting area and lobby for their safety.
  • What to Wear:
    • Girls - leotard or fitted t-shirts with footless tights or fitted shorts are permitted.
    • Boys - shorts or sweatpants with t-shirts tucked in. **Children are not allowed to wear jewelry other than post earrings. Shoulder length and long hair must be secured up and away from the face.
  • No gum or food is permitted in the gym area. Water bottles may be kept on the shelf by the gym door.
  • Children of all ages must wait inside the building until their ride arrives. Children should be picked up promptly after their class. 
  • Classes Missed:
    • September-May: ONE voucher may be issued for 45 min - 90 min hour classes, twice per quarter; TWO vouchers may be issued for 120 min classes, twice per quarter.
    • June-August: UNLIMITED MAKE-UPS or vouchers!