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Jam Hops Graduating Seniors (Athletes and Employees)

2024 LIFE CHAMPION AWARD Post-Secondary Scholarship

All Jam Hops graduating employee and/or athlete seniors of 2024; post-secondary scholarship opportunity! 

Applications are due on or before April 30th, 2024.

Details and application:

Scholarship Details

Scholarship Application


“Jam Hops Gives Back” began in 2013 as a way for our company to share with our Jamily and show our gratitude to our community for its continued support of our programs.  

We are thrilled to offer our 2nd annual LIFE CHAMPION Award - Post-Secondary Scholarship to a graduating senior who is currently enrolled and/or works in our Jam Hops programs.  Jam Hops' mission is “Inspiring Kids to Become LIFE CHAMPIONS!”, and we believe that by bridging the support of our Jamily members into adulthood, we are continuing that passion that can reach a whole new generation of LIFE CHAMPIONS!

Scholarship Amount:
Jam Hops Program Executive Directors choose one winner to be awarded $2,000 paid to their post-secondary program of enrollment for the coming fall.


  • Current Jam Hops program participant and/or employee
  • Graduating Senior
  • Attending a post-secondary opportunity in the fall

Review Process:
Complete applications submitted by the deadline, will be reviewed by Jam Hops Executive Directors to select the scholarship recipient.

Award Disbursement:
Jam Hops will disburse scholarship funds directly to the recipient's account at their chosen post-secondary program for the fall of 2024.

jam hops seniors 2023-2024

layla carlson

Layla will be graduating from Blaine High School and will attend St. Cloud State in the fall to major in Nursing. She was on the Blaine High School Gymnastics Team and has been coaching recreational gymnastics at Jam Hops for a little over two years. Layla said, "I love working with the kids everyday and watching them build confidence, grow, and have fun with gymnastics." Congratulations Layla!

Taylor Epp

Taylor is graduating from Legacy Christian Academy and plans to attend Grand Canyon University and major in nursing. Taylor is enjoying playing golf during her senior year. Taylor said, "I did gymnastics at Jam Hops years ago and when I saw they were hiring I was very interested. I work as a rec gymnastics coach and love it. It’s been a great experience." Congratulations Taylor!

lacey fieldseth

Lacey will be graduating from Anoka High School. During high school she has been apart of Theatre, Tornado Pals, and Choir. Next year she plans on attending The University of Wisconsin River Falls to study Psychology and Stage and Screen Arts. Her hope is to continue being in theatrical production and become a child therapist.

Lacey has been coaching at Jam Hops since March of 2022. She said, "I absolutely love working here and helping little kids succeed in gymnastics as well as grow into amazing people! I coach recreational gymnastics starting with preschool to Gym 2. Plus tramp and tumble and boys flips and tricks. While working at Jam Hops I improved on so many skills like communication, customer service, and leadership. I also discovered my passion for helping kids! I am so grateful for Jam Hops letting me be apart of the amazing team we have, and letting me inspire kiddos to become life champions!❤️" Congratulations Lacey!

McKenzie "Kenny" Greene

Kenny will be graduating from Blaine High school. She will be attending NDSU in the fall and plans to major in physical therapy. Kenny has been apart of Jam Hops since she was 5 years old, doing both dance and gymnastics, then having to choose between and choosing gymnastics. Kenny then started working at Jam hops when she was 15 as a Gymnastics Coach. She said, "Jam Hops has been such a huge part of my life and like my second home, doing gymnastics my whole life with Jeanna and Cassie really made me fall in love with the sport after joining Xcel. I have enjoyed everything about Jam hops and have met so many new friends and teammates." Congratulations Kenny!

reese harvey

Reese will be graduating from Blaine High School.  She plans on going to the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and majoring in Biology on the Pre-PA track.  Reese has been working at Jam Hops for a little over a year coaching in the recreational gymnastics program, and also in the Camptastic program during the school year and summer. Reese also coaches volleyball and spends a lot of time studying! She said, "I love working with the kids every day and seeing them grow into amazing athletes. Jam Hops has taught me how to be a great coach and helped me impact so many lives!" Congratulations Reese!

Lily Johnson

Lily we be graduating from Blaine High School. She plans to attend Saint Cloud State University and major in marketing.  Along with being a competitive dancer at Jam Hops, she has also been part of the Blaine Dance Team. Lily said, "I have been a dancer at Jam Hops for the last 8 years, it has given me so many friendships and memories that wouldn’t have been possible without this program. I have grown not only as a dancer here but as a person." Congratulations Lily!

mckayla "Mik" Johnson

Mik is graduating from Blaine High School. She is not 100% set on a college yet, but is most likely going to attend Concordia, Moorhead and major in Exercise Science. She has been involved in Blaine High School Gymnastics and was a gymnast at Jam Hops for 5 years. Mik has been working at Jam Hops for 2 years as a Recreational Gymnastics Coach. Mik said, "I absolutely love being able to coach a variety of kids and having a great impact on their lives inside and outside of gymnastics. Working at Jam Hops has helped me in many ways such as communication, time management, maintaining a positive mindset, and much more. I love it!" Congratulations Mik!

maddie jurek

Maddie will be graduating from Coon Rapids High School and in the fall plans to attend UW-La Crosse for Exercise and Sport Science on the pre-professional track. At school she plays the violin in the orchestra, is a member of the National Honor Society, and is also a member of the Children’s of Minnesota Youth Advisory Council.  Maddie has been a gymnast at Jam Hops for 11 years, with 7 of those years on the competitive Xcel team.  She has also been a Recreational Gymnastics Coach for 2 years. Maddie said, "Jam Hops has always been a second home to me. I have enjoyed my years on the Xcel team doing the sport I love with amazing teammates and coaches. I have also appreciated the opportunity to coach young gymnasts and to watch them grow and achieve their goals!" Congratulations Maddie!

lexie moots

Lexie will be graduating from West Lutheran High School. She plans to study dietetics at UW-Stout, and will continue her dance career on the Blue Devils Dance team. Lexie is currently involved in her school's Student Ambassador program and is the editor of her school's yearbook.  She has been dancing for fifteen years, ten of which have been at Jam Hops. Lexie said, "Jam Hops has given me such an amazing community of friends and mentors. I have really loved having the opportunity to learn and grow at Jam Hops, and hope to take the lessons I have learned with me always. I am sad that this chapter of my life is closing, but can't wait to see what the future holds for me!" Congratulations Lexie!

paige olson

Paige will be graduating from St. Francis High School. She is unsure as to what she will do after she graduate, but leaning towards attending Anoka Ramsey Community College to get her generals. She was a gymnast at Jam Hops for over 10 years, starting off in rec classes. She was apart of the Xcel program at Blaine/Ham Lake and Anoka Ramsey for a total of 6 years. She was then on the Xcel team at Blaine/Ham Lake for 4 years before switching over to Anoka Ramsey for her last 2 seasons. Paige has been working at Jam Hops for a little work two years now. She started off coaching Rec classes and just recently has joined team. Paige said, "Jam Hops has impacted me in multiple ways. It was my second home growing up and taught me a variety of life skills. Working at Jam Hops has given me the opportunity to share the love I have for gymnastics with kids. Jam Hops will always be a part of who I am. “ Congratulations Paige!

bailey ottosen

Bailey will be graduating from Centennial High School. She plans to attend the University of Minnesota and major in Early Childhood, and is also committed to the University of Minnesota cheerleading team. She was a gymnast in both artistic and Trampoline and Tumbling gymnastics, going all the way up to level 10 for competitive gymnastics. She has also been a cheerleader for 7 years. Bailey has been involved at Jam Hops overall since she was 7 years old. She started out at the old gym  and rejoined Jam Hops about 2 years ago to continue coaching all aspects of gymnastics. Bailey said, "Coaching has taught me to always be grateful for what I have and all the amazing people I have met along the way. One of my favorite parts of my job is assisting my athletes to reach their fullest potential and watching them grow up into strong and independent people." Congratulations to Bailey!

maliyah pound

Maliyah will graduate from Spring Lake Park High School and plans to attend a four year university to continue her gymnastics career. At school she is a mentor to underclassman and volunteers at her church. Some of her hobbies include gymnastics, shopping, traveling, and spending time with friends. Mal has been at Jam Hops for 12 years as an athlete and a coach for 2 of those years. She is on the Women’s Gymnastics Development Program and coaches Bronze and Silver for the Xcel program.  Mal said, "Through my 12 years of doing gymnastics here, I have grown so much as a person and athlete. None of that would have been possible without the family environment and the coaching staff that has helped me!" Congratulations Mal!

vivian rosenbaum

Vivian is a senior at Andover High School. She is planning on going to Mankato in the fall and, while unsure of her major, is potentially going to pursue psychology and studio art. She has been a part of the Jam Hops family since age 4, starting out with rec dance and gymnastics at the old location and then joining the competitive team in 2020. Vivian values all she has learned from the dance instructors and treasures the friendships she has made here at Jam Hops throughout the years! Congratulations Vivian!


Alexandra "LExi" Ryan

Lexi is graduating from Blaine High School and plans on going to a university to study kinesiology or pre-physical therapy next fall. She has been dancing at Jam Hops for 14 years, and has been teaching dance to the recreational dancers for 4 years. Lexi said, "I want to attend the University of Wisconsin or University of St. Thomas to continue my education. I am not going to be dancing myself but I am interested in teaching as I grow older. In Jam Hops I have learned so much about growth and determination. I have learned how to be a leader and have become a role model to many of the younger kids. Throughout my life I have done soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, baseball but I always ended up back in the dance studio. Here I have grown into an adult and learned the basics to participating in the world. I have been prepared to start the next part of my life and start my future." Congratulations Lexi!

Michaela (Mimi) Sabah

Mimi will be graduating from Coon Rapids High School and Anoka Ramsey Community College through PSEO.  She plans to go to school for pre med.  Her major will depend on which college she chooses, but will be something like Human Anatomy or Kinesiology with a minor in linguistics or anthropology.  Mimi is a captain on the Coon Rapids High School gymnastics team and plans to do it as an intramural or club sport in college. She is also in NHS and student leadership council for upward bound, and plans to do something related to student government in college as well. 

Mimi started working at Jam Hops in 2021. She used to do gymnastics here and now works as a gymnastics coach, alpha instructor, and birthday hostess. Mimi said, "Working as a gymnastics coach and birthday hostesses has really helped bring me out of my shell. Before working here I was never one to be loud, or anything. Alpha has been such a great group of people with both the staff and students. Getting to work with the program and gaining so much more experience with a variety of kids is awesome. I'm going to miss being at Jam Hops all the time but I am grateful for what I have gained from working here." Congratulations Mimi!

Daniella Sabetti

Daniella is graduating from Centennial High School and also completed a year of PSEO  at Northwestern. She plans to attend the University of Minnesota Rochester to study nursing. Daniella has been dancing at Jam Hops since she was 5 years old. She is currently in the competitive dance program and loves the atmosphere at Jam Hops! Daniella said, "Everyone here truly feels like a second family. I also recently starting working at Jam hops as an Alpha Athletes Coach and love connecting and interacting with the kids!" Congratulations Daniella!

Lydia Smith

Lydia is graduating from Blaine High School. She is currently planning on attending Judson University in Illinois where she will double major in Business and Interior design and receive a minor in Architecture. Lydia is also planning on joining their spirit squad (cheer/dance team), be on their worship team, and run on their track team in the spring. At Blaine High School she has been on the varsity and competitive cheer team, on the track team, in choir, and is currently an NHS member and recently joined the rock climbing club. Outside of school Lydia is involved in voice lessons where she is able to perform every 6 months and is also on her youth groups worship team. Lydia said, "I have only been working at Jam Hops for about 6 months but I feel as though I have been here for much longer. The work environment I'm surrounded with is so welcoming and positive it really shows me how inclusive it is at Jam Hops. I am currently working as a recreational coach with gym 3 and below and I love it! I love that I get the chance to work with kids and help them achieve their goals in a sport that I used to love when I was younger. Being able to coach has really improved my life on a large scale. Being a coach has led me to become a better listener, helped me build personal awareness, and has improved my communication skills on a whole new level. I am so happy that I chose to be a part of Jam Hops because I am not only impacting the lives of others, I am also improving and building upon my own life." Congratulations Lydia!


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