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Jam Hops Graduating Seniors - Employees and/or Athletes

Paige Anderson

Paige is graduating from Anoka High School. She has been at Jam Hops since she was 3. She also did preschool at Jam Hops to start her educational career. Paige has been part of the JO gymnastics program at Blaine/ Ham Lake since she was 7 and has been competing for 11 years. She is currently a level 9 gymnast. Paige started working at Jam Hops  at 16 and has loved working with her students.  She will be attending the University of New Mexico on an academic scholarship to get a degree in dental hygiene and specialize in pediatrics.  Paige also does bowling through the high school and competes in tournaments across the state.  Congratulations Paige!

Samantha Carmichael

Sam is graduating  from Andover High School.  She has been at Jam Hops as a dancer for 15 years and started dancing when she was 3 years old. Sam has been working here as a dance teacher for a year and half.  She is also part of the National Honor Society at her school. Sam said, "Jam hops has impacted me because it has truly been my second family for all these years, and it’s always been a place to go when I’ve been having a bad day, and the people there make me smile. " She will be attending the University of Minnesota Twins Cities and majoring in psychology. Congratulations Sam!


Grace Fabienke

Grace is graduating from Maranatha Christian Academy. She started dancing at Jam hops when she was 3, joined the competition team when she was  5, and has danced in the program ever since. Grace has also worked at Jam Hops teaching dance and working camp, and was also in soccer, golf and student council. Grace said, "I am so grateful for the community Jam hops has given me. Growing up in the dance program I was taught respect, discipline, work ethic, to be creative, and keep pushing to be the best I can be. I am forever grateful to Jam Hops, the dance program, as well as my coaches and peers for instilling these values in me as well as nurturing and helping me grow my love and passion for dance." Grace will be attending the University of Minnesota and plans to double major in dance and business marketing. Congratulations Grace!

Grace Gerard

Grace is graduating from Blaine High School where she is a volunteer tutor and NHS member. She has been doing gymnastics at Jam Hops for 10 years. She started in rec classes before beginning high school gymnastics and taking off-season gymnastics classes at the gym. Grace said she has made a lot of friends and enjoyed how supportive the coaches are. She plans on going to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities to major in urban studies. Congratulations Grace!

Isabel Jarosz

Isabel is graduating from  Andover High School. She has been dancing for 14 years, the last 2 have been at Jam Hops. She is a dancer on Extreme! Isabel said, " I love my teammates and have made so many new friends! I love all the teachers and how they challenge us!" Isabel has also been part of her school choir for 7 years. She will be attending University of Wisconsin Stout, and majoring in Professional Communications and Emerging Media.  Isabel is  also part of the Blue Devils Dance Team! Congratulations Isabel!


Jenna Kalevik

Jenna will be graduating from Rogers High School and has been part of Jam Hops A/R since the opening in 2019 as a gymnast and employee.  Jenna said, "I like doing gymnastics at Jam Hops because everyone is super supportive and encouraging and I have been lucky to meet many new gymnasts and coaches. Working at Jam Hops has taught me teamwork as well as independence. I enjoy the positive energy at the gym and the relationships I have been able to build."  Jenna is sad to leave,  but excited to continue her education at Concordia College in Moorhead MN where she will be majoring in Exercise Science and taking the pre-physical therapy track. Along with gymnastics  she does Track & Field and plans on continuing T&F at Concordia. Congratulations Jenna!

Carter Lease

Carter is graduating from Blaine High School. Carter has been doing gymnastics at Jam Hops since he was three and have continued doing  gymnastics since then. He is currently a level 10 gymnast on the Boys JO Team.  Carter said,  "I started coaching three and a half years ago and it has been a big part of my life and always will be. I have done other sports but only ever stuck with gymnastics."  Carter will be going into Civil Engineering at NDSU. Congratulations Carter!

Paige Lier

Paige will be graduating from Spring Lake Park High School where she is the captain of her school’s speech team, as well as the debate team. Paige also participates in golf and NHS and is a small group leader at her youth group and tutor AVID!  She has been at Jam Hops for 9 years as a competitive dancer, and she is also an employee, teaching recreational dance for 2 years.  Paige said, "I have been so grateful for the family I have found at Jam Hops—they have supported me, challenged me, and loved me in meaningful ways that have defined my character and growth. I truly have a home in them; they have filled my life with so much joy. No one makes me laugh like my teammates, who have truly become lifelong friends."  Paige plans to attend Colorado Christian University to study theology.  Congratulations Paige!


Alex Mostek

Alex is graduating from Spring Lake Park High School. Alex was in soccer as a kid, and in high school was involved in Speech, Debate, Theater, and Band. Alex started coming to Jam Hops in 2004/5 and was in dance for two years. Alex then switched to gymnastics as part of the first class of Leap-N-Learn preschoolers in 2007, and continued in recreational gymnastics until 2011. Alex started up again at Jam Hops in 2016 and did competition in XCEL until  2019, and is currently working as a Recreational Gymnastics Coach. Alex said, "I’m considering joining the national guard next year, and looking into multiple pathways for my future beyond that, including teaching and freelance art." Congratulations Alex!

Addison Randall

Addison will be graduating from Anoka High School. She has been an employee at Jam Hops for 8 months as a Cheer and Camptastic coach. Addison said, "I have loved getting to know each of the kids and their unique personalities. My favorite part is seeing how excited they get when they finally get a skill they have been working to get." She has not decided on a college yet, but her major will be Speech-language pathology. Addison was involved in Anoka high school cheer for 4 years and National Honor society for 2 years. Congratulations Addison!

Skylar Raw

Skylar is graduating from Anoka High School . She has been involved with Jam Hops for 1 year as a cheer coach. Skylar said, "This is my first job and it has been a great experience." She will be attending South Dakota State University and majoring in psychology.  She is also hoping to be on the SDSU cheer team.  Skylar has been a cheerleader all throughout high school and a little bit of middle school. Congratulations Skylar!

Emma Ricks "Bacon"

Emma (known as Bacon to her coaches and teammates!) is graduating from Anoka High School. She is a level 10 JO gymnast and has been coming her for gymnastics since she was 7. Emma has also been a gymnastics coach at Jam Hops for the past 2 years. She said, "I love teaching kids how to do new skills." Emma plans on doing gymnastics in college and is currently undecided on a major, but plans on doing something in the medical field. She also enjoys watching movies and shows in her free time. Congratulations Emma!

Jenny Riley

Jenny is graduating from Blaine High School. She has been a gymnast at Jam Hops for 15 years and has been on the JO team,  and most recently spent 2 years competing for the Blaine High School gymnastics team. She has also been a gymnastics coach at Jam Hops for about 4 years. Jenny said, "Jam Hops has always felt like a second home to me, and I appreciate everyone who made that possible." She plans on majoring in exercise science at ARCC, then furthering her education at the University of Minnesota. Congratulations Jenny! 

Brianna Schoenrock

Brianna is graduating from Blaine High School and is on the track team. She is currently an Xcel Diamond level gymnast at the Anoka/Ramsey location. When asked about her time at Jam Hops she said, "Jam Hops has been a part of my life for 10 years. I'm very thankful that I got to make friends on the team and be guided by amazing coaches. I have a lot of great memories with my team that I will never forget. Gymnastics has taught me so much and I can't believe I am already a senior!"  Brianna will be attending The University of St. Thomas in the fall to major in Criminal Justice and will be also be on the track team for pole vaulting. Congratulations Brianna!

Dani Schoenrock

Dani is graduating from Blaine High School and is on the track team. She is currently an Xcel Diamond level gymnast at the Anoka/Ramsey location. When asked about her time at Jam Hops she said, "Jam Hops has been very important to me and I have really enjoyed being part of the gymnastics team. I started gymnastics at Jam Hops when I was 9 and joined the Xcel team shortly after. Both my team and coaches have been very supportive and they have had a huge impact on me. I have made so many great memories from gymnastics and I will never forget my team and all the things I have learned."  Dani will be attending The University of St. Thomas in the fall to major in Business and will be also be on the track team for pole vaulting. Congratulations Dani!

Lydia Tomandl

Lydia is graduating from Blaine High School. She started doing cheer at Jam Hops when she was 6 years old, and switched to dance when she was 8 has been dancing for almost 10 years. Lydia also works as a dance teacher for recreational classes and is a camp coach. Lydia said, "Teaching has always been a passion of mine, especially when I get to teach something I love!" Lydia will be attending Lawrence University in Appleton, WI to major in both elementary education and vocal performance.  She also loves to sing and do theatre at her school and anywhere else she can. Congratulations Lydia!

Salma Urrutia

Salma is graduating from Anoka High School. She has been coaching rec gymnastics at Jam Hops for about a year and a half. Salma said, "I think that if anything, working at Jam Hops taught me how to adapt to change and how to grow. Working here has pushed me out of my comfort zone in numerous ways, and for that I am very grateful." She is  choosing between three colleges, but as of right now her top choice is the University of Denver and plans to study film and journalism. Salma's favorite thing to do is film and edit videos, which she has learned to do while simultaneously documenting her life (otherwise known as vlogging). Some of her other hobbies include graphic design, drawing, reading, writing (poems, essays, anything really), playing piano and watching films (her favorite is Schindler's List). She enjoys living a multifaceted lifestyle and gets bored if she is only working on one thing. Congratulations Salma!


maya williams

 Maya will graduate from Andover High School. She has been involved at Jam Hops for 15 years and as a dancer and a few as a gymnast. Maya also started working here for the cheer, dance, and camp programs about 3 years ago. Maya said, "My favorite part about being involved at Jam Hops is feeling like I’m part of a whole other family, and creating unforgettable relationships with my teammates, instructors, and coworkers. Jam Hops inspires me to push for my highest goals and reminds me that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. "  She has also participated in softball, NHS, and climbing crew. Maya has plans for college to study mathematics at UW Madison. Congratulations Maya!


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