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Employee of the Month for March!

Congratulations to Tina for being our employee of the month for March! She has been a dancer herself for 30 years and been teaching dance for 20 years, 1 year of that at Jam Hops. Tina is always upbeat, has a positive personality and has contagious energy. She is focused but always has a smile. You can’t even tell when she isn’t feeling well at work because she still smiles and gets the work done that needs to be done. Recently Tina ran dress rehearsal when Erin was sick and did an amazing job. When asked what she loves best about being a dance instructor she said, "I love working with the dancers and helping them reach their goals! Nothing is better than teaching a dancer a move and watching their face light up when they nail that move. I also love my co-workers, they are all kind." We are so happy to have Tina as part of our #jamily!

welcome to our new employees!

We welcome Skylar as a new cheerleading coach at Jam Hops! Skylar has been a cheerleader herself for 5 years at Anoka High School. She is very excited to teach cheer to the kids at Jam Hops and she is also excited to meet many new people. Skylar is going to be a great addition to our #jamily!

Andi was a gymnast for 6 years competing through her high school years and she will be coaching our recreational gymnastics classes. When asked why she is excited to coach she said, "Teaching kids all the skills I learned in gymnastics - both while in the sport and life long." Andi has a huge passion for health and wellness and a huge weakness for peanut butter. She enjoys doing anything active or trying new things with friends and family. Welcome Andi!

Erin (aka Panda at Jam Hops) has been  doing gymnastics or dancing at Jam Hops for over 14 years and now she will be also coaching gymnastics. We are so excited to have her on board as an employee after she has been here so long! When asked why she is excited to coach she said, "being able to help kids go further into their gymnastics and being able to continue to grow in this facility".  Welcome Erin!

Julie was a gymnast herself for 10 years and is very excited to now be coaching recreational gymnastics classes at Jam Hops. When asked why she is excited to work her, she said "I love children - seeing them grow and learn is such an honor and I am very excited!" Julie also loves learning new things, reading, traveling, and hanging out with her dog, friends and family. Welcome Julie!

Zak will be coaching Ninja Zone classes at Jam Hops. He has been doing gymnastics by teaching himself and going to different facilities for the past 6 years and really enjoys it so he is excited to share his knowledge with the kids. He also enjoys doing parkour and playing video games. Zak is a junior at Spring Lake Park High School. Welcome Zak!

Kaylin has been dancing at Jam Hops for 12 years now so is very excited to be a dance assistant now. She is excited to work with kids and be able to teach them dance. Kaylin has 2 sisters and enjoys painting and photography. Welcome Kaylin!

Emmalee has been dancing at Jam Hops for about 8 years and she will now be a dance assistant also. She is very excited to work here and be able to help out other dancers. Emmalee has two sisters who also dance at Jam Hops. She also enjoys any form of art, language arts, dance, painting, sewing, photography and rock climbing. Welcome Emmalee!

Jacie is excited to be a dance assistant at Jam Hops so she can work with little kids and teach them new things. She has been dancing at Jam Hops for 6 years and is very dedicated to what she does. Jacie also enjoys skiing, biking, and seeing new things. Welcome Jacie!

Alivia will be a dance assistant at Jam Hops. She has been dancing for about 9 years including time at Jam Hops, other studios and on the Blaine High School Dance team. Her younger sister also dances at Jam Hops. Alivia is excited about working with younger kids and watching them grow and improve. She also enjoys golfing, hunting and going on walks. Welcome Alivia!

Mckenna will be coaching recreational gymnastics classes at our Anoka/Ramsey location. She has been a gymnast herself for about 8 years so she is excited to coach now and is very excited to work with kids. Mckenna also likes to go on hikes and spend time with family and friends. Welcome Mckenna!

Kylie will be coaching Ninja Zone classes. She has been in karate for six years and she loves the discipline that teaches so she is excited to work with the Ninja kids and teach them self defense! Kylie is very excited to work at Jam Hops and she loves to laugh. Welcome Kylie!


Nicole will be coaching recreational level gymnastics classes at our Anoka/Ramsey location. Her daughter is on the Xcel gymnastics team so Nicole is excited to share in her daughters love for gymnastics. Nicole is very passionate about working out and helping others in their fitness and one of her goals is to become certified in personal training and nutrition. Welcome Nicole!

Jeff is going to be a customer care representative at the Blaine/Ham Lake location. Jeff has 2 daughters that both attend our gymnastics classes. Jeff said he will enjoy being a part of a great staff that helps children learn new skills and have a lot of fun doing it. Jeff also enjoys cooking, guitar, playing games, fishing and having fun with his 3 and 6 year old girls. He loves Jeep Wranglers and The Minnesota Vikings. Welcome Jeff!

Emilee will be coaching gymnastics at our Blaine/Ham Lake location.  She is excited to teach kids things they want and never thought they could learn. Emilee said "I can't wait to see the growth they have!" Emilee has been a gymnast herself for about 7 years. She enjoys singing, piano, cooking, watching movies and hanging out with friends. Welcome Emilee!

General Staff

Brenda Nolby - CEO

Debbie Hauer - Executive Director

Nancy Nelson - Executive Director

Stacey Clayson-Executive Director

Trish Erkenbrack - ProShop Assistant

Barbi Kadlec-Pro Shop Manager

Jeff Riley - Maintenance/Facilities

Craig Nolby-Owner and Facilities

Jill Hauser-Administrative Assistant

Emma Sirjord - Facilities and Resident Artist

Shana Schmitz - Executive Assistant

Ella Sirjord - Photographer/Videographer

Amy Burton - Facilities

Not Pictured:

Morgan Lease


Customer Care Representatives

Nicole Sanders - Office Manager

Kamala Pickett

Jackie Austin

Mary Dauman

Tracey Blees

Laura Pottsmith

Anne Aguirre

Nicole Korus

Nicole LaFollette

Kendra Williams

Sarah Santiago

Melissa Spoden

Carrie Stiles

Betsy Nordin

Amy Sosinski

Janele Rono

Dawn Brewster

Heidi Olson

Karina O'Mara

Kristen Kehr

Not Pictured:

Jeff Otteson

Gymnastics Staff

Kristen Sanborn- Executive Director, Women's and Men's JO Director

Cassie Lyden-Xcel Director

Jeanna Southerling-Recreational Gymnastics Director

Megan Furrow-Anoka Ramsey Gym Director

Carissa Cornelius

Matt Stone-Director of JO/Xcel at Anoka Ramsey

Joanna Bartell

Carolyn Yernberg - Preschool Age Gymnastics Coordinator

Elizabeth Block

Rachel Erickson

Mikaela Craig

Emily Greene

Joseph Hnilicka

Rudy Jacobsz

Jim Johnson

Molly Lawrence

Carter Lease

Cassie Moltzen

Jodie Mortenson

Sarah Olmschenk

Alisha Otteson

Maddie Qualen

Jennifer Riley

Carly Rosa - School Age Gymnastics Coordinator

Julie Mendoza

Lexi Sofie

Carrie Stiles

Josie Swenson

Tim Thunborg

Chris Tinault

Brody Wamsley

Ellie Weibye

Rockie Ramacher

Haylee Altenburg

Marianna Arocho

Kaitlyn Asplunk

Lexi Asplund

Megan Kouri

Lauryn Kadlec

Andy Magnuson

Jessica Moskalik

Emily Olson

Brandi O'Loughlin

Alex Pekula

Kyle Pekula

Belle Sanborn

Karlee Sofie

Carlyne Brewster

Kristin O'Connell

Sarah Schake

Paige Anderson

Lara Parenteau

Dani Gray

Sydney Farber

Donna Delong

Tobie Stiles

Johana Teigen

Brenna McLain

Lainey Isaacson

Jenna Kalevik

Not Pictured:

Grace Amell

Kim Griffin

Angie Martinez

Emma Ricks

Salma Urrutia

Bethany Witzke


Dance Staff

Erin Antilla-Dance Director

Allie Mooney

Emily Hauer

Sonja Williams

Lydia Tomandl

Tina Eichers

Grace Fabienke

Kaylie Perreault

Sophia Britton

Lexi Pocrnich

Ben Olson

Lily Fabienke

Danielle Manos

Tristen Sanborn

Maya Williams

Samantha Carmichael

Paige Leir

Not Pictured:

Alivia Draack

Emmalee Oberg

Jacie Slater

Kaylin Stenen

Cheer Staff

Lily Fabienke, Cheer Coordinator

Maya Williams

Laura Dykhoff

Leap-N-Learn Academic Preschool

Sue Krohnberg-Dance Director

Sara Mooney

Holly Oberg

Ninja Zone Staff

Cassie Moltzen-Ninja Zone Director

Bryce Nelson

Ashley Stepaniak

Suzie Bates

Carly Westerlund

Brendan Schmit

Valencia Morris

Owen Rohde

Not Pictured:

Kim Griffin

Kylie Dahlin



Theater Staff

Tim Thunborg - Theater Director