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Employee of the Month for July!

Brendan started with Jam Hops as a Ninja Zone coach in January. He loves that this job keeps him active and he enjoys teaching the kids new things. His favorite Ninja move to teach is a back flip. Brendan has a daughter that is a JO level 4 gymnast. He enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, fishing and camping. Brendan was chosen as Employee of the Month because of his energetic coaching, he shows teamwork by subbing whenever he can, he gets down to the kid's level to talk to them and has helped immensely with the Community Ed program. Congratulations Brendan!

welcome to our new employees!

Amy is

Kim is going to be coaching Ninja Zone classes. She is excited to also work with children here and help them advance their skills in a physical environment that encourages respect and discipline. Kim really enjoys working with special needs children at her Para job with the school district, being a religion educator, and volunteer for Special Olympics. Kim has a daughter that attends Jam Hops and is part of the Xcel gymnastics program. She enjoys watching her kids enjoy their sports, watching movies, baking and being a mom! Welcome Kim!


Brenna is going to be coaching gymnastics and is currently also a gymnast herself in our Diamond Xcel program. She has been at Jam Hops for 13 years now! She is so excited to work with all different ages of kids and to teach them the sport she loves. Other things she enjoys doing are baking, going to the cabin, and hanging out with friends and family. Welcome Brenna!

Valencia will be a Ninja Coach at Jam Hops. She is very excited to work with kids and get to know new people! Valencia has been dancing for 13 years and is currently on the competitive dance team at Osseo High School and also does studio dance. She also really enjoys playing volleyball. Welcome Valencia!

Nancy will be working as a Customer Care Representative at Jam Hops. Her daughter have been coming here since she was 18 months old and has been in gymnastics and dance and then this year decided to try cheer - and she absolutely loves it! Nancy is excited to meet the people that she have been seeing here for years. She also enjoys horseback riding, camping, fishing, reading and crocheting. Welcome Nancy!

Tina has been dancing most of her life and we are so excited for her to join us as a dance instructor at Jam Hops! She has been teaching dance for 16 years;  dancing and choreographing professionally for 12 of those years. Tina was also part of the Mystic Lake dance team for 4 years. She is very excited to get the chance to help kids reach their goals and be part of the Jam Hops family. Tina also enjoys playing tennis and she has a 7 month old son that keeps her busy too. Welcome Tina!

Paige has been a competitive gymnast at Jam Hops for 13 years and is currently a level 9, and now she is going to be coaching gymnastics here. She is very excited to work with the younger gymnasts as she adores children and loves helping them. Paige also enjoys bowling in her spare time. We are so excited to have Paige work with us!

Heidi will be working as a Customer Care Representative at the new Anoka/Ramsey location. She is excited to be around people that are excited about the sport her kids are in and meeting new people. She has a daughter in Gym 4 and one on the Xcel Gold Team. Her and her spouse are foster parents to medically fragile kids for the past 12 years and she is a nurse. Heidi also enjoys traveling, going to the beach and cooking. Welcome Heidi!


Karina will be working as a Customer Care Representative mostly at the new Anoka/Ramsey location. She is excited to help with the transition of that new location as she is currently working at that location already. Karina has a daughter on our Xcel Gold Team. She enjoys spending time going to her kids sporting events, being at the cabin and trying to relax. She has 2 dogs, a lab and terrier mix. Welcome Karina!

Lara will be a JO team gymnastics coach at our Anoka/Ramsey location. Lara is excited to share her love of gymnastics with others. She was a gymnast for 10 years at Ole's Gymnastics where she trained to a Junior B Elite level.  She was also a competitive dancer for 20 years and a several time national dance champion. Lara is a nurse educator for Fairview Health Services. Lara also enjoys reading, traveling, and walking her dog. Welcome Lara!

Carly will be coaching recreational and Xcel gymnastics classes at our new Anoka/Ramsey location. We was a competitive gymnast for 5 years at WCGC in Elkhorn and M&M in New Berlin. She is excited to be involved in the gymnastics environment again. Carly also works at T.J. Maxx and enjoys walking her dogs, reading, drawing and shopping. Welcome Carly!

General Staff

Brenda Nolby - CEO

Debbie Hauer - Vice President

Nancy Nelson - Marketing/Human Resources

Stacey Clayson-Office/Account Manager

Dawn Brewster

Trish Erkenbrack

Jeff Riley - Maintenance/Facilities

Craig Nolby-Owner and Facilities

Barbi Kadlec-Pro Shop Manager

Facilities and Resident Artist

Rockie Ramacher-Community Outreach

Jill Hauser-Administrative Assistant

Customer Care Representatives

Nicole Korus

Kamala Pickett

Jackie Austin

Mary Dauman

Tracey Blees

Laura Pottsmith

Anne Aguirre

Nicole Sanders

Holly Oberg

Kendra Williams

Sarah Santiago

Nicole LaFollette

Carrie Stiles

Betsy Nordin

Melissa Spoden

Janele Rono

Gymnastics Staff

Kristen Sanborn- Women's and Men's JO Director

Cassie Lyden-Xcel Director

Jeanna Southerling-Recreational Gymnastics Director

Megan Furrow-Recreational School Age Gymnastics Coordinator

Carliee Cook-Preschool Gymnastics Coordinator

Joanna Bartell

Elizabeth Block

Carissa Cornelius

Mikaela Craig

Donna Delong

Rachel Erickson

Sydney Farber

Emily Greene

Joseph Hnilicka

Rudy Jacobsz

Jim Johnson

Molly Lawrence

Carter Lease

Cassie Moltzen-Ninja Zone Director

Jodie Mortenson

Sarah Olmschenk

Alisha Otteson

Maddie Qualen

Jennifer Riley

Carly Rosa

Connor Schusted

Sydney Singh

Lexi Sofie

Maleia St Hilaire

Carrie Stiles

Josie Swenson

Tim Thunborg

Chris Tinault

Brody Wamsley

Ellie Weibye

Haylee Altenburg

Marianna Arocho

Kaitlyn Asplunk

Lexi Asplund

Ashley Howard

Megan Kouri

Lauryn Kadlec

Andy Magnuson

Jessica Moskalik

Emily Olson

Brandi O'Loughlin

Alex Pekula

Kyle Pekula

Belle Sanborn

Karlee Sofie

Grace Zinda

Staff Not Pictured

Carlyne Brewster

Lindsay McGrath

Sydney Stokes

Dance Staff

Erin Antilla-Dance Director

Makenna Erickson

Emily Hauer

Adrianna (Beep) Lonick-Assistant Dance Director

Grace Fabienke

Kaylie Perreault

Lily Fabienke

Danielle Manos

Tristen Sanborn

Sophia Britton

Allie Mooney

Lexi Pocrnich

Sonja Williams

Maya Williams

Staff Not Pictured

Dot Clark

Ben Olson

Lydia Tomandl

Cheer Staff

Adrianna (Beep) Lonick-Cheer Director

Maya Williams

Lily Fabienke

Leap-N-Learn Academic Preschool

Sue Krohnberg-Dance Director

Sara Mooney

Holly Oberg

Ninja Zone Staff

Cassie Moltzen-Ninja Zone Director

Bryce Nelson

Mario Arocho

Carly Westerlund

Ashley Stepaniak

Suzie Bates

Staff Not Pictured

Nicole Doll

Theater Staff

Tim Thunborg