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Our Staff

February Employee of the Month - Paige Menne

Paige has been coaching for the Anoka/Ramsey Women's Gymnastics DP Program for about 6 months. She was a gymnast herself for 14 years at a couple of different gyms and has been coaching 9 years total. Paige has been enthusiastically picking up team shifts, is working hard to grow the pre-team program, is eager to learn and try new things, and has a great rapport with other staff, athletes, and families. When asked what she loves best about coaching at Jam Hops, she said, "The atmosphere, my coworkers, and my athletes. I truly look forward to going to work every day. Also love the opportunities Jam Hops has to offer." Paige enjoys spending time on the lake with family and friends, traveling, taking naps, and spending weekends at snowmobile races with her family. Congratulations Paige!

Madison Anderson

Madison (Maddie) will be coaching in our Alpha Athletes program and will also be a Dance Instructor. She has been dancing in the Jam Hops Competitive program for 8 years. Maddie is a freshman at Andover High School and also works at the Big Dipper in Blaine. Maddie said, "I want to work at Jam Hops to inspire others and help kids grow and enjoy the sport they love." She also enjoys hanging out with friends and skiing. Welcome Maddie!

welcome to our new employees!

ty castillo

Ty is going to be coaching in our JH XSports program. He will be starting a new Tricking class for us and also coaching Ninja classes. He did gymnastics for about one year and is now in our Ninja classes himself. Ty is a freshman and is homeschooled, is involved in his church, plays the drums and piano, and loves tricking! Welcome Ty!

autumn mansavage

Autumn will be coaching gymnastics at the A/R location. She did gymnastics herself for 5 years and was a cheerleader for 3 years, and is actually a cheer coach also. Autumn is a junior at Anoka High School and enjoys drawing, painting and fishing. When asked why she wants to work at Jam Hops, Autumn said, "It seems like a fun place to work and I like to coach." Welcome Autumn!

alesha obrien

Alesha is very excited to start coaching gymnastics at the A/R location as she loves being around and working with kids. She was a gymnast herself when she was younger.  Alesha said, "I have a daughter on DP level 3 and I have become very close with a lot of staff. It is an overall happy, positive environment that I would love to be part of. I also have gymnastics background and would love to help other young kids fall in love with the sport like I did." She is a very outgoing person that is very comfortable around others and enjoys being outside, going on walks with her family, and just being active. She is going to attempt to start gardening this spring so we wish her all the best with that:) Welcome Alesha!

Skylar lockwood

Skylar will be working as a Jam HOPE Cafe Barista/Cashier. She is excited about being able to help encourage others in her position. Skylar is a sophomore at Blaine High School and enjoys welding, reading, art and dance (she is on the Competition Dance line at Jam Hops). Skylar said, "I love to travel, my family and anime". Welcome Skylar!

Addison Oberg

Addison (Addie) will be working as a Jam HOPE Cafe Barista/Cashier. The last position she held was at Bunker Beach in concession and guest services. Addie is excited to make work in the Cafe and make connections and learn more about making coffee. Addie said, "I have crouzons syndrome and hydrocephalus." She is a sophomore at Blaine High School and enjoys baking, reading, and playing chess. Welcome Addie!

Hayley "Kye" Ketchum

Hayley (prefers to go by Kye) will be coaching gymnastics at our Anoka/Ramsey location! She was a gymnast at Jam Hops herself for around 7 years. In her free time Kye likes going to the gym, spending time with friends, and doing anything that keeps her out of the house! She is in 10th grade through an online school. Kye wants to work at Jam Hops because, "I went to Jam Hops and I just like the way they do things, treat people, and I feel like it would be a good fit for me." Welcome Kye!

Sebastian Santiago

Sebastian will be coaching gymnastics at our Blaine/Ham Lake location. He was a gymnast himself at Jam Hops for about 5 years and was in the Men's DP Gymnastics Program.  He has worked as a Circus Coach at Flying Colors Trapeze and has also been a Dive Coach. Now he wants to work at Jam Hops and said, "I want to teach kids gymnastics as well as life skills that will help them succeed."  Sebastian is a junior at Spring Lake Park High School and enjoys snowboarding, pole vaulting and listening to music. Fun fact: Sebastian's mom also works here! Welcome Sebastian!

Daniella Sabetti

Daniella is excited to work as an Alpha Athletes Instructor because she said, "I enjoy working with children at my other job and really love the opportunities Alpha Athletes provides for kids with additional needs and accommodations. I think the program is wonderful and would love to be part of it." Daniella has danced at Jam Hos since she was 5 years old and is currently on the Competitive team. She currently also works at Kids Club which is a before and after care school program for kids in elementary school.  Daniella is a senior in high school at Centennial, but is enrolled in PSEO classes at Northwestern. She enjoys baking, doing her nails, and spending time with family and friends. Welcome Daniella!

Becca Larson

Becca will be coaching gymnastics for the Xcel and recreational programs. She was a gymnast herself for 10 years and coached gymnastics at another facility. Becca said, "I was a gymnast for 10 years and want to be able to pass my knowledge of the support onto other gymnasts." She is currently a college student at Dunwoody and enjoys traveling, photography, and spending time with family and friends. Welcome Becca!

Natalia Nallick

Natalia will be coaching gymnastics at the A/R location. She was a gymnast herself for 7 years, with part of that time being at Jam Hops. Natalia is a sophomore at Pact Charter School and enjoys choir, theater and reading. Natalia said, "This is my first job and I want to work in an environment that is familiar to me." Fun fact is that Natalia's sister, Jaisa, also works here. Welcome Natalia!

quinn harvey

Quinn will be coaching recreational gymnastics at the Blaine/Ham Lake location. She was a gymnast at Jam Hops herself for over 12 years and is so excited to have her first job working here as she loves working with kids. She already babysits the kids in her neighborhood a lot. She is a freshman at Blaine High School and also enjoys playing pickle ball. Quinn said, "I am a caring person and love to work with kids."  Fun fact is that Quinn's sister, Reese, already works here as a coach also. Welcome Quinn!

Katherine Creeden

Katherine will be coming to the Jamily to be an Xcel Gymnastics Coach. She was a gymnast and dancer herself for many years and has been coaching gymnastics for about 12 years. She is moving to MN from Kansas where she helped relocate and build a new gym and quadrupled the number of athletes they had! Katherine said, "Upon review, Jam Hops seems to be a welcoming gym to kids, parents and coaches. I enjoy the environment and believe in the same values as Jam Hops." Her kids are also excited to enroll in some of our classes. Katherine also works as a photographer and enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, motorcycle rides, crocheting and baking. Welcome Katherine!

General Staff

Brenda Nolby - President

Kristen Sanborn - Executive Director, Women's DP Gymnastics Director

Stacey Clayson - CEO

Shana Schmitz - Executive Director/Accounting

Nancy Nelson - Executive Director/Human Resources Director

Debbie Hauer - Executive Coordinator

Abbie Rockstad - Marketing Director

Mary Dauman - Community Outreach Coordinator & CCR

Barbi Kadlec - Pro Shop & Purchasing Coordinator

Lou (Laura) Nikolas - Content & Digital Marketing Specialist

Dawn Brewster - Birthday Party, Kids of Karacter, & Activities Coordinator

Erin Kelly - Development Director & Executive Director of Jam HOPE Foundation

Customer Care Representatives

Nicole Sanders - Customer Care Director

Melissa Spoden

Shayna Johnson

Not Pictured:

Kara Tucker

Jong Yang-Ellis


Angela Radzyuk/Customer Care Coordinator

Laura Pottsmith

Jeff Otteson

Kendra Williams

Heidi Olson

Sarah Santiago - CCR & Leap-N-Learn Teacher

Gymnastics Staff

Kristen Sanborn - Executive Director, Women's DP Gymnastics Director

Jeanna Southerling - Recreational Gymnastics Director

Kyle Pekula - Men's DP Team Director

Carly Rosa - Xcel Director (B/HL)

Lexi Sofie

Matt Stone - Xcel and DP Team Director (A/R)

Jodie Mortenson

Joanna Bartell

Rachel Erickson

Rudy Jacobsz

Karlee Sofie - Recreational Gymnastics Coordinator (B/HL)

Alisha Otteson

Belle Sanborn - DP Women's Gymnastics Coordinator

Angel Marshall

Jim Johnson - Retired after 23 years

Layla Carlson

Liza Powell - Gym Director (A/R)

Jessica Quackenbush

Mckayla Johnson

Bella Reinhart

Michaela (Mimi) Sabah

Mckenzie Greene

Emily Lind A/R

Skylar Fursman A/R

Maddie Jurek

Mckenna Haley

Mckenna Haley

Kaitlyn Swanson A/R

Alaina Werlinger

Alaina Werlinger

Mckenzie Sexton

Mckenzie Sexton

Emily Randa

Bailey Ottosen

Bailey Ottosen

Reese Harvey

Carrie Stiles

Erin Louwagie

Maliyah Pound

Maliyah Pound

Paige Olson A/R

Brandi Caldeen

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Payten St. Aubin

Taylor Epp

Shelby Pierson

Paige Menne

Shae Schmit

Lydia Smith

Alayna Dauman

Jairo Lopez Medina

Ali Schwantes

Andrew Tramm

Cassie Moltzan

Becca Larson

Quinn Harvey

Katherine Creeden

Alesha Obrien

Not Pictured:

Nicole Hedican

Katya Radzyuk

Paige Baker

Corinne Yurich

Jaisa Nallick

Mikayla Menth

Samantha Luttrell

Annabelle Pottsmith

Alyse Craig

Lizzy Rydberg

Natalia Nallick

Kaylee Regel

Sebastian Santiago

Hayley "Kye" Ketchum

Autumn Mansavage


Alpha Athletes Staff

Erin Kelly - Development Director & Executive Director of Jam HOPE Foundation

Kali Williams

Not Pictured:

Jessica Lockwood

Onyx Longtine

Madison Graves

Aidan Breiwick

Daniella Sabetti

Danielle Spoden

Angela Brandt/Substitute Instructor

Michaela (Mimi) Sabah

Nicole Edmonson/Substitute instructor

Dance Staff

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Leap-N-Learn Academic Preschool

Leap-N-Learn staff has been moved here.

JH XSports Staff

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Theater Staff

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Facilities STaff

Jeff Riley - Facilities Director

Not Pictured:

Kevin Graff

Sara Coder

Jenae Hoeft

Facilities Assistant & Coach

Angela Martinez - Facilities Coordinator/Gymnastics Coach

Tammy Sexton

Camptastic coaches/Birthday Party Coaches/Subs

Carissa Cornelius

Ellie Weibye

Sydney Farber

Jill Hauser

Emily Olson

Carter Lease

Tobie Stiles

Paige Anderson - Camp Assistant

Emma Ricks

Vivian Lakotas

Brayden Erickson

Addison Randall

Savannah Martinez

Sonja Williams

Jacie Slater

Donna Delong

Carlyne Brewster

Emily Hauer

Maya Williams

Lacey Fieldseth A/R

Allyson Theis

Grace Amell - Camp Assistant

Bella Bailey

Bella Bailey A/R

Not Pictured:

Jenny Riley

Morgan Lease


Customer Care Representatives