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September Employee of the Month

Carlyne has been coaching gymnastics at Jam Hops for 3 years. She loves coaching Jammin tots, Jammin Kids 1 and Jammin babies. When asked what she likes best about being a Jam Hops employee, she said, "Working with the kids and helping them learn new skills." Carlyne was chosen as employee of the month because she has helped by taking on extra camp shifts, doing a great job training new employees,  subbing for Ninja and helping with other departments as needed. She also has a positive and encouraging attitude, is a great team player (subbing a ton when college coaches left) and offering feedback to improve the work environment. Carlyne is a senior doing PSEO at Anoka Ramsey Community College this year. She also enjoys hiking, reading and throwing shot and disc for the Centennial High School track team. Congratulations Carlyne!

welcome to our new employees!

Maliyah is excited to be coaching gymnastics at Jam Hops to share her love of gymnastics with kids. She is currently a level 9 gymnast on our DP team gymnastics and have been at Jam Hops for 13 years. Maliyah us a sophomore at Spring Lake Park High School and besides gymnastics she also enjoys hanging out with friends, photography, baking, spending time with friends and family and her two dogs, and she also volunteers at church. Welcome Maliyah!

Autumn will be a dance assistant at Jam Hops and is currently a dancer on our competitive dance team.  She said this is her first job and she is excited to start working with the kids and her colleagues. Autumn is a sophomore at Andover High school and also enjoys reading and doing things outside, like camping and swimming. Welcome Autumn!

Nevaeh will be coaching recreational gymnastics classes at the Blaine/Ham Lake location. She has been a gymnast herself for about 7 years, and 3 of those years were at Jam Hops. Nevaeh said she is excited to meet new people and work with kids at Jam Hops. She is a sophomore at Spring Lake Park High School and also enjoys running, reading and drawing. Welcome Nevaeh!

Miriam will be coaching competitive gymnastics at our Anoka/Ramsey location. She also works at Starbucks and is a case manager for Guardian. She has a 7 year old daughter that is in the Jam Hops competitive dance program on Fury. Mirian was a gymnast herself for 9 years and coaches competitive gymnastics for 2 years in California. When asked why she is excited to coach, she said "To watch the kids grow as individuals."  Miriam also enjoys running, crafts, and spending time with family. Welcome Miriam!

Halle is excited to be a lead Alpha Athletes instructor, and is also a 1st grade teacher at Sunrise Elementary. She said she is excited to work with kids and teach them healthy choices and how to safely move their bodies. She also said, "I am excited, friendly, and looking forward to working at Jam Hops!" She was also a gymnast here herself for 9 years and enjoys running, reading, working out and cooking. Welcome Halle!

Aaron will be a Ninja Zone coach at Jam Hops and has been in our dance program for about 6 years and is also involved in Taekwondo. He is excited to learn how to teach a class. He will be attending Blaine High School this year and will be in a sophomore there. Aaron has 3 younger brothers and younger sister with special needs. Welcome Aaron!

Erin will be working as a Customer Care Representative. She has 2 daughters that are in the Jam Hops Competitive Dance Program. Erin said, "I am excited to be more involved with the families at Jam Hops and continue to build relationships with the awesome staff. I love being active and busy and can't wait for this new challenge and opportunity." Erin also works as a Middle School Counselor at Jackson Middle School and he enjoys anything outdoors like hiking and boating, and also spending time with her family. Welcome Erin!

Simon will be coaching Ninja Zone classes. He will be a senior at St. Francis High School and is on their football team. Simon said, "I love working with kids and Jam Hops is one of those cool unique places I get to do that." He also enjoys hockey, snowboarding, walking his dog and hanging out with friends. Welcome Simon!

Tina will be a Customer Care Representative at Jam Hops and has a daughter on the Xcel Silver team.  She also works as a Data Analyst/SQL Database Admin for her other job. Tina said she is excited to work here for the fun, upbeat atmosphere and she is also looking forward to the tuition discount she will receive. She also enjoys playing volleyball and going to concerts. Welcome Tina!

Angela is excited to be working as a new Customer Care Representative at Jam Hops. She said, "Jam Hops is a fun and engaging company and I look forward to learning about everything they offer and extending my knowledge to clients. I'm excited to get out of the house and engage with other adults and kids and the tuition reimbursement is fantastic!" Angela has 4 kids and one of her daughters is on the Xcel Silver gymnastics team at the A/R location. She is also a PCA for her sister with disabilities and have been doing that since she was 14. Angela also enjoys knitting, audiobooks, home decor, painting, homeschooling her kids and many more things! Welcome Angela!

Lexi has been a dancer at Jam Hops for 11 years and will not be a dance assistant. Lexi is excited to be working with children and to be dancing while doing it. She said, "I have been part of the Jam Hops family for very long and I can't wait to join the staff as well!" Lexi is going to be a sophomore at Blaine High School and she also enjoys art and cooking. Welcome Lexi!

Melina will be coaching gymnastics mostly at the Blaine/Ham Lake location. She was a gymnast herself for 9 years, with part of her time at Jam Hops and is currently a cheerleader at Northern Elite Cheer.  She is going to be a junior at Spring Lake Park High School in the fall. Melina is very excited about coaching so she can meet all the new kid and parents. She also enjoys weight lifting, shopping and listening to music. Welcome Melina!

Alexa (she goes by Chelsey at Jam Hops) will be coaching  for our JO women's gymnastics program. She will be a senior at Totino Grace High School next year and is on their dance team. She  was a JO gymnast herself at Jam Hops for 8 years. Chelsey said, "I am very excited to be an employee of Jam Hops because I love the environment and I am excited to be able to be involved in gymnastics again." She also enjoys being around her family and friends, playing with her dogs and dancing. Welcome Chelsey!

Shadae will be a JO Girls gymnastics coach. She was a gymnast herself for 15 years and received her training at Twin City Twisters Gymnastics and was also a gymnast at UW Stout. She said, "I am excited to work with the athletes and learn new ways to coach and help better others and myself." Shadae also work with Mednaz at Fairview Ridges hospital as a hear screening technician. She also enjoys going on walks, learning new cooking recipes and sleeping:) Welcome Shadae!


Alyssa will be coaching gymnastics at our Blaine/Ham Lake location, and was a gymnast herself for 5 years. She will be a sophomore at Bethel University and plans to become a Physician's Assistant. Alyssa is excited to learn new things and be able to help children learn the fun sport of gymnastics. She also enjoys spending time outside and with family. Welcome Alyssa!

Brayden will be coaching gymnastics and has been a gymnast on the JO Men's team for 9 years at Jam Hops! Brayden is very excited to start coaching the sport he has been in for so long.  He is just finishing his sophomore year at St. Francis High School and he also enjoys skiing, mountain biking and golfing.  Brayden also has a job working for Express Signs. Welcome Brayden!

Kali will be a dance assistant and has been a dancer at Jam Hops for 11 years. She is going into 9th grade at Blaine High School and also babysits for families. When asked why she is excited to work at Jam Hops Kali said, "Working with kids, trying something new, and being part of the Jamily." Kali also enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends. Welcome Kali!

Danielle is excited to be a dance assistant at Jam Hops after being a dancer here herself for 11 years. She said, "I'm excited about working with children and teaching them about something I love so much. I'm also excited for the experience it will give me." Danielle will be a freshman at Blaine High School this fall. She loves to dance and also enjoys art and walking her dogs. Welcome Danielle!

Drew will be a dance assistant and has been a dancer for 8 years, with 6 of those being at Jam Hops. Drew said, "I am most excited to help teach others and show people that boys dance to! I am excited to be part of the Jam Hops team and community!" Drew is going to be a 9th grader at Blaine High School and he also has his own DJ business called "That DJ Drew!" and he performs at birthday parties, school events and other events. Welcome Drew!

General Staff

Brenda Nolby - CEO

Debbie Hauer - Executive Director

Nancy Nelson - Executive Director

Stacey Clayson-Executive Director

Trish Erkenbrack - ProShop Assistant

Barbi Kadlec-Pro Shop Manager

Jeff Riley - Facilities Manager

Facilities Assistant

Brendan Schmit - Facilities

Amy Burton - Facilities

Donna Delong - Camp Coordinator

Shana Schmitz - Executive Assistant

Mary Dauman - Community Outreach Coordinator/CCR

Sarah Schake - Marketing Assistant

Dawn Brewster - Birthday Party Coordiator/CCR

Abbie Rockstad - Marketing Director

Not Pictured:

Morgan Lease - Camp Assistant




Customer Care Representatives

Nicole Sanders - Office Manager

Kamala Pickett

Tracey Blees

Anne Aguirre

Heidi Olson

Melissa Spoden

Laura Pottsmith

Sarah Santiago - CCR/Leap-N-Learn Assistant Teacher

Kendra Williams - CCR/Dance Assistant

Tammy Sexton

Annie Jarson

Krista Bukoskey

Jeff Otteson

Not Pictured:

Julie Thomas

Michelle Nelson

Tina Sorvari

Angela Radzyuk

Erin Kelly

Gymnastics Staff

Kristen Sanborn- Executive Director, Women's and Men's JO Director

Cassie Barnes-Xcel Director

Jeanna Southerling-Recreational Gymnastics Director

Carly Rosa - School Age Gymnastics Coordinator

Carrie Stiles

Matt Stone-Director of JO/Xcel at Anoka Ramsey

Joanna Bartell

Kyle Pekula - JO Men's Team Coordinator and Activities Coordinator

Rachel Erickson

Jodie Mortenson

Alisha Otteson

Emily Greene

Lexi Sofie

Rudy Jacobsz

Jim Johnson - Retired after 23 years!

Tobie Stiles

Tim Thunborg

Carrie Stiles

Belle Sanborn

Carlyne Brewster

Chris Tinault

Kristin O'Connell

Karlee Sofie

Brenna McLain

Facilities Assistant/Coach

Angela Martinez - Facilities Assistant/Coach

Johana Teigen

Jessica Cogswell

Grace Amell

Aubrey Swenson

Erin Southerling

Tatum Foth

Kim Griffin

Erin Louwagie

Abbie Rockstad

Vivian Lakotas

Jessica Quackenbush

Makena Gens

Not Pictured:

Brayden Erickson

Jacob Brewster

Allyson Theis

Alexa "Chelsey" Erkenbrack

Shadae Boone

Amber Jenkins

Alyssa Bergeron

Melina Figueroa

Bodin Brooks-Gustafson



Not Pictured:

Elizabeth Powell

Denis Solyanko

Nicole Hedican

Mia Larsen

Alex Mostek

Miriam Carlson

Ashlynn Skillings

Nevaeh Coffer

Maliyah Pound



Alpha Athletes Staff

Jill Hauser-Alpha Athletes/Adult Fitness Instructor

Not Pictured:

Halle Blum

Angela Brandt

Dance Staff

Erin Antilla-Dance Director

Tina Eichers

Sonja Williams

Lydia Tomandl

Samantha Carmichael

Alivia Draack

Allie Mooney

Kendra Williams - Dance Assistant/CCR

Grace Fabienke

Emily Hauer

Maya Williams

Paige Leir

Kaylin Stenen

Lexi Pocrnich

Ben Olson

Sophia Britton

Lily Fabienke

Jacie Slater

Emmalee Oberg

Tristen Sanborn

Not Pictured:

Danielle Spoden

Drew Hauser

Lexi Ryan

Kali Williams

Autumn Vnuk

Cheer Staff

Skylar Raw

Addison Randall

Not Pictured:

Nyssa Johnson - Cheer Director

Leap-N-Learn Academic Preschool

Sue Krohnberg- Director

Holly Oberg

Sarah Santiago

Ninja Zone Staff

Kristin O'Connell - Ninja Zone Director

Kim Griffin

James Smith

Sofia Kaleho

Owen Rohde

Not Pictured:

Tryg Oberg

Simon Young

Aaron Sharp





Theater Staff

Tim Thunborg - Theater Director

Camptastic coaches/Birthday Party Coaches/Subs

Andy Dunn

Ellie Weibye

Lauryn Kadlec

Molly Lawrence

Andi Frank

Mikaela Craig

Carissa Cornelius

Rockie Ramacher

Sydney Farber

Joseph Hnilicka

Emily Olson

Julie Mendoza

Brandi O'Loughlin

Paige Anderson

Josie Swenson

Emma Ricks

Carter Lease

Jenna Kalevik

Not Pictured:

Salma Urrutia


Customer Care Representatives