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June 9 (Saturday) from 12:00 - 2:00

The purpose of this day is to help participants prepare for auditions. Through fun activities participants will learn how to appropriately present themselves and how to skillfully execute the audition material. Most importantly this day will be about developing the confidence it takes to audition successfully. Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended, especially for those new to theater.


June 16 (Saturday) from 10:00 – 2:00

After registering for the show we will  email you an invitation to sign up for an audition time. NOTE...There is a possibility that certain participants will be called back to perform additional material the following week. 


June 23 (Saturday) from 12:00 - 2:00 

June 30  (Saturday) from 12:00 - 2:00 

During this time participants will get to know the show and each other. Activities will include watching a youtube performance of the musical, a full read through of the script and a plethora of entertaining games!


July 9 - August 16 (Monday - Thursday from 9:15 - 11:15)

A broken down schedule will be sent out indicating specific rehearsal times for each participant.


August 17 (Friday) from 5:00 - 9:00


August 18 (Saturday) @ 2:00 (doors open at 1:30) and 7:00 (doors open at 6:30)

August 19 (Sunday) @ 2:00 (doors open at 1:30)                                       

A cast party will follow Sunday’s performance.


This show is open to anyone ages 7 to 17. We are especially in search of BOYS!


Sign up by May 4 and receive a $25 discount: $200 (+tax). Registration cost after May 4: $225 (+tax.) Participants will also need to invest in basic attire that will be used for costumes.


You may register over the phone, in person at Jam Hops or online. 


In order for us to put together a successful show, it is vital that each participant be able to attend all scheduled rehearsals. Anticipated absences must be noted on the questionnaire that is sent out. If absences do occur, the participant must arrange a time with the director to make up the time missed. 

cast list


audition material

For the script read portion of the audition, everyone will read either one OR TWO characters, depending on what your preferred roles are. If your first AND SECOND CHOICE is listed below, then you should prepare BOTH READS for the audition. If only ONE of your choices is listed below, you should prepare only that read. If neither of your choices are listed below or if you are not auditioning for a speaking role (ensemble only), you should audition with the Aladdin/Jasmine read, with boys reading the part of Aladdin and girls reading the part of Jasmine. The director will read the part opposite the role you are auditioning for. The read does not need to be memorized. When the moment calls for it, I encourage you to gesture with your hands as you're reading. In order to free up your hands, the sheet you're reading from will be on a music stand.

For the singing portion of the audition, everyone should prepare the song A Whole New World. There are two versions of the song. One is for females AND for males with an UNCHANGED voice (high vocals) and the other is for males with a CHANGED voice (low vocals). If you are singing the "high vocals" version, you should sing both Aladdin AND Jasmine’s part . Towards the end of the song, during the lyrics, “way up here, it’s crystal clear”, there is both a melody and a harmony line. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which line you sing, however,  if possible, boys should attempt to sing the low part and girls the high part. If you are singing the "low vocals" version, you will only sing the part of Aladdin. There are two different tracks to sing with. One has the vocals to help you learn the song and the other has no vocals (instrumental) which is the version you will be auditioning with.  Note, if you would like to warm up with the vocal track before you sing with the instrumental track you may do so. The song does not need to be memorized.

Audition Song: A Whole New World (High- Vocals)

Audition song: A Whole New World (High - Instrumental)

Audition song: A Whole New World (High - Instrumental - 1 step lower)

Audition song: A Whole New World (High - Instrumental - 2 steps lower)

Audition Song: A Whole New World (Low - Vocals)

Audition Song: A Whole New World (Low - Instrumental)


  1. Come to the audition PREPARED! The side does not need to be memorized, however, it should be WELL REHEARSED! It's obvious when a persons only preparation was to read through it a couple times the day of auditions. Practice with a friend or family member until you can read showing the following points.
  2. Read IN CHARACTER! Be familiar with what the scene/song is about and what the characters personality is like!
  3. Read with good VOCAL EXPRESSION! Practice reading in a mono-tone voice (no expression) then with an ANIMATED voice (good expression). Which sounds more entertaining? 
  4. Read/sing with good FACIAL EXPRESSION! Practice in front of the mirror using a straight face (no expression) then with an ANIMATED face (good expression). Which appears more entertaining?
  5. NOTE:  The sheet you will be reading from will be on a music stand. This way, if you are compelled to gesture with your hands as you speak, you may do so. 
  6. Read/sing with good ARTICULATION! Pronounce your words clearly. Pay special attention to the consonants! 
  7. Read/sing with good PROJECTION! Speak/sing with good volume. Pretend that you are speaking to a person in the very back row.
  8. HAVE FUN! Remember that it's FINE if you make mistakes. 


arabian nights (parts 1-4)

arabian nights reprise 1

arabian nights reprise 2

one jump ahead

one jump ahead reprise

why me

Why me reprise

friend like me

prince ali

Prince Ali Reprise 1

Prince Ali Reprise 2

a whole new world

A Whole New World Reprise (Finale)