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Children as young as 18 months can begin their journey towards a fun, heart-healthy life! Our gymnastics programs are tailored for all ages and abilities in an atmosphere that’s engaging, encouraging, safe and fun!

Gymnastics helps children with: body awareness, coordination, fine and gross motor skill development, self-discipline, focus,  and teamwork!


We've been providing a safe, fun place to learn gymnastics since 1997!

Our facility is state of the art, and we're constantly incorporating new equipment to maintain the best-possible training environment.

After a thorough orientation process, our coaches receive extensive training and undergo periodic reviews. Our staff cares about every child and wants them to succeed! Together we maintain a positive learning environment and a supportive approach to coaching.

Within the first month, we guarantee your child will:

  1.  Learn through fun, safe physical activity
  2.  Be taught through step-by-step progression
  3. Build self-confidence by experiencing success

                         OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

September Gymnast of the Month


Congratulations Ava Smith!

Age: 6

Level:  Jammin' Kids 2

Favorite coach: Jodie & Kaylee

Favorite part of class: Working on Bars

Biggest accomplishment: Cartwheel into the foam pit! 

Favorite color: Pink



Preschool Gymnastics Program

Step by step progressive program

specific to their age group.

Boys and Girls 18 months - 5 years

Girls Progressive Program

Recreational gymnastics classes

taught through step by step

progression for girls 6 years and up

Boys Progressive Program

Recreational gymnastics classes

taught through step by step

progression for boys 6 years and up

Tramp & Tumbling

Recreational class that focuses

on trampoline and tumbling skills

Boys and Girls 6 years and up

Homeschool Gymnastics

Daytime recreational gymnastics

class for homeschool students

Boys and Girls 5 years and up

Girls High School

Gymnastics class for high

school students during their

off-season, for girls 7th-12th grade

Girls Xcel Team

Competitive program for girls.

Gymnasts could enter this program

through our girls recreational, progressive program

Women's J.O. Team

Competitive program for girls

Men's J.O. Team

Competitive program for boys


We think that Cassie L is awesome because she takes time to make sure each gymnast learns skills properly and adapts coaching technique to each individual child.

We think that Jodie is awesome because she keeps a very positive attitude and is encouraging kids to do their best.

We think that Jeanna is awesome because she teaches me gymnastics and cartwheels. I want to be a gymnastics teacher when I grow up!


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Monday-Friday:  9:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M.
Saturday and Sunday:  Hours Vary