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Benefits of Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports for Children and Teens

By Jam Hops, 03/31/24, 8:00AM CDT


Benefits of Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports and children are two words some people might think shouldn’t mix. Our stance opposes this belief, and we want to clarify why. In this quick blog we will cover the benefits of extreme sports for all ages, along with the opportunities we offer at Jam Hops on the border of Ham Lake and Blaine, Minnesota. Thanks for reading! 

Psychological Benefits: 
Anything extreme can sound a bit scary, but that’s what draws us to it! Practicing extreme sports in a safe environment not only helps build confidence in the skills you're working on, but also in what your body is capable of. It teaches you that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome when you use persistent effort and stay focused. In addition, accepting and working alongside your fear will give you the skills needed to bounce back from day to day stress, or challenges. The freestyle nature of extreme sports also allows you to foster a creative mindset that can spread to other parts of your life. 

According to the American Psychological Association, a research participant was reminded to enjoy the focused moments that make time slow down while on a caving excursion. As a result of this experience, the participant began to see life differently and continued to go on similar excursions from then on. This is a great example of how mental resilience you develop in extreme sports can contribute to an overall more enjoyable life.

Physical Benefits: 
Not only do extreme sports take a lot of determination and focus, but many of them also demand significant physical strength. Regardless of your current physical state, starting in an extreme sport is a surefire way to become more fit. It will also help you gain strength, balance, coordination, and muscle endurance. Practicing extreme sports can also teach you to overcome fear, enabling your body to physically respond better to stress. 

With fear comes adrenaline, and adrenaline can provide a whole host of its own benefits. describes adrenaline as follows: “Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster and your lungs breathe more efficiently. It causes your blood vessels to send more blood to your brain and muscles, increases your blood pressure, makes your brain more alert, and raises blood sugar levels to give you energy.” 

On top of the psychological and physical benefits of extreme sports, social interaction is another great reason to get into it. Similar to any other sports team, extreme sports expose you to a large community of people with similar interests. This provides a great opportunity to build relationships and become part of a motivated community.


Extreme Sports Opportunities at Jam Hops – Blaine/Ham Lake
Jam Hops’ JH XSports program on the border of Ham Lake and Blaine, utilizes extreme sports to "Channel Chaos into Creativity". Our extreme sports-based program provides a safe space for children and adults alike to break their boundaries with parkour, obstacle warrior, tricking, and more! 

JH XSports focuses on sports that will allow your mind and body to decide how to freely determine movement by training in the freedom of self-exploration and athletic expressionism. Our JH XSports program is like no other. We created this program to offer something unique in the area and believe there is an "X" for everyone, no matter your age, ability, race, or gender! 

With our recent expansion at Jam Hops - Blaine/Ham Lake, we were able to add a brand-new warrior obstacle rig that is EPIC! 

Currently, we offer class options for children ages 18 months – 13 years old, available Monday through Saturday. We also have a Homeschool Freestyle Fusion class for ages 3 – 18 years on Mondays and Wednesdays.  

Find more information on how to register here! 

Soon, we will be offering classes for adults, as well as expanding to offer classes at Jam Hops – Anoka/Ramsey! 

Jam Hops is a children's recreational facility. We provide a variety of athletics, arts and educational programs for babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and soon adults, which are structured to "Inspire Kids to Become LIFE CHAMPIONS!"

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