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What is JH XSports?

The goal of JH XSports is to break away from the conventional norms of sporting and let your mind turn chaos into creativity! Extreme sports have often been viewed as unattainable, or impossible. Let's push past those ideas and see what our max potential really is.

JH XSports is focused on offering a variety of extreme sports that will allow your mind and body to decide how to freely move by training in the freedom of self-exploration and athletic expression. No matter your age, race, or gender, there's an X for everyone!


Ninja of the Month

July- Xander!

Xander has been working his incredible ninja skills since he was 2! He has been coming every week for 3 years and just loves what he does! He smiles every moment he is out on the floor and has been working really hard at being a good listener and following the instructor's lead. So proud of his growth! Way to go Xander!


Coach of the Month

July- Luke!

Luke has been coaching with us for over a year now! He brings such strength and power to this program. Luke has a tough exterior, but inside, he is a soft teddy bear with a heart of gold! He has helped mentor some younger boys to find themselves in a positive light. The kids just love him! He loves working out and getting others to find the joy in it too! Thanks for all you do Luke!



Ultimate Freestyle Show 

Coming this August 25, 2024

This is the moment for our Freestylers to shine! Join us and be amazed as our talented Freestylers showcase their skills, treating you and your family to an unforgettable display of tricks and stunts!

This event is for all XSports athletes, Ramsey and Blaine/Ham Lake.



Your Freestyler can wear any athletic clothing. No pockets or zippers are preferred for their safety. Socks and shoes will be removed before entering the gym floor.


Give our Customer Care Desk a call or email with JH XSports questions! Call 763-413-0647 or write to us at

JH XSports Staff

Kristin O'Connell, JH XSports Director

Nicole Sanders, Customer Care Director

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What people have said about JH XSports

"Our kids have met new friends and are having fun in ninja/gymnastics."

"The coaches are amazing!"

"They inspire my kids."

"Our kiddo's have had life-changing experiences with the people here!"

"Jam Hops teaches our daughter some great character building while having fun!"


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